NEW | Lancome Grandiose Liner


The new Lancome Grandiose Liner is one of the items I picked up @ IMATS where they were pre-selling it before the launch, which I believe was just last week. It is an innovative liquid eyeliner design with a bendable ‘pivot’ wand that allows you to click it into a bend to make application more effortless and easy.

 I was ready to write this off as a gimmick, but for peeps who cannot conquer *that* perfect feline flick, I do believe this will make it easier for you. When you click the wand into the bent liner, it immediately allows closer access to the base of the lashes and eye = more control. 

The tip of this eyeliner is nice and fine so you can get a lovely precise line (if you are practised!) OR an nice dramatic cat eye if you prefer. The formula dries to a matte opaque finish, so heavy pigment which I really love AND it is smudge-resistant, which it really is.

If, like me, you are reasonably adept at your liquid eyeliner application then I don’t think this will make it easier for you, and perhaps the opposite. You will have to practise and re-learn with a bent eyeliner, something I cannot get to grips with after using a *normal* straight one for 20 years. Fortunately this eyeliner can be used straight like a traditional one OR bent so it’s up to you how you use it and create your liner looks.



 – Practise, practise & then some more practise

 – Work out your eye shape and what kind of line suits it (not ALL can do the sweeping cat eye, unfortunately)

– Look where the bottom water line ends at the outer corner of your eye, if this was to continue going, this is a good gauge of where your eyeliner should go. Follow an imaginary line outwards and upwards.

 – Liquid liner should always go upwards, never down. That will make your eyes look droopy/sad & it’s not flattering!

Aim for the end of your brow – but let’s not go that far out guys.

 – If wonky eyeliner is your thing ; try simply pressing the side of the liner onto the lash line, print, and move along, rather than a constant line.

 It comes in 3 shades currently which are black, brown and navy blue and it is priced at £23.

**UPDATE** This eyeliner unfortunately ran out of steam/ink after only 3 weeks of use 🙁 sad times.