Lipcare | Intense Lip Boosting Mask by Nugg Beauty

I can’t ever remember using an actual lip mask….like ever. Which thinking about is doesn’t really make sense seeing as I seem to use masks on pretty much every other part of my body. I don’t get overly dry lips, but I think that is because I am a slace to lipbalm and am constantly applying it wherever I go, BUT I do love lip plumpers and such to make my lips look fuller.

  The Nugg Beauty lip mask promises to hydrate, soften AND plump the lips so I gave it a try to see what it would do for me.

Why would you even need a lip mask? I hear you (me) cry. Well it’s basically just a thick buttery concentrate that gives your lips an intense hit of hydration and claims to also plump the lips which is pretty on-trend right now. Ermmmm thanks Instagram you lil’ bitch. 

The Nugg lip mask contains 100% natural/vegan-friendly ingredients including Coconut oil, Shea butter & Liquorice root. When you apply it it feels just like a thick lipbalm so there was me thinking I could use it instead of…, no you can’t ; It goes quite white and thick on the lips and then almost goes semi-matte as it dries so you do need to tissue off the excess after the 20 minutes that is the recommended time to leave it on for. You can also use this as a night treatment. It leaves my lips very nice and soft, it doens’t sting or anything like some of the lip plumpers can do, but I think simply by the hydration boost it fills out the lines and that is what makes them look plumper and smoother. So it does actually work in that respect. 

It’s a perfect lip prep to use before wearing bright lip colours, and in particular, liquid lipsticks which as we all know can go claggy & dry-looking if you lips aren’t perfectly prepped. On my clients I am using a quick lip scrub, followed by this and then by the time I apply lipstick, the lips have a lovely smooth canvas to apply colour.

The Nugg Beauty lip mask costs £9.49 and you can pick it up from Boots, Selfridges & Beauty Bay.