NEW : Iconic London Launches Prep-Set-Tan Self-Tanning Mists!

Iconic London prep-set-tan tanning mists

We all know the infamous Iconic Prep-Set-glow spray : I, for one, really love it and use it so much at the moment. It’s a gorgeous hydrating and glow setting spray and it’s so refreshing and quick. Well, Iconic London have just dropped their Prep-Set-Tan version which is a tanning mist to give you that all-important summer glow!

I don’t know about you but I am finally feeling the summer vibes at the moment. I’m raring to get to the beach, the SPF is being piled on, the BBQ is dusted off and ready for some over-cooked burgers and under-cooked drumsticks and I’m yearning for that sun-kissed, glowing skin!

The Iconic London Prep-Set-Tan mists dropped on my doorstep at the perfect time and I think you may need to know about this handy little tan-toppers / tan-givers as they are SO quick and easy to use and give the most glorious glowing tan. They come in the same two shades that the Prep-Set-Glow sprays come in : Original which is a soft glowy pink and then the ‘Glow’ which is a deeper bronze shade.

Iconic London prep-set-tan tanning mists Iconic London prep-set-tan tanning mists

These tanning and glow mists are infused with the most premium tanning agents to give you your best golden, glowing tan.


HYALURONIC ACID – Thanks to this hydration hero, this light-weight mist helps the skin feel nourished for a tan that looks seamless and lasts long.

MULTI-VITAMINS – A complex of vitamins A, E & F known for their skin conditioning and antioxidant properties help the skin feeling nourished.

CUCUMBER & CHAMOMILE EXTRACT – Gives a gorgeous, refreshing formula and will help your skin feel cool and fresh.


SHAKE TO ACTIVATE to mix the tanning pigments and the shimmer particles evenly and spray onto bare skin (I use it over my skincare and SPF as a last step!) You can then use the Iconic Tan & Buff brush to ensure it has an even coverage and tan.

Prep-Set-Tan is especially formulated for face, neck and décolleté, but suitable for body too.

Leave to develop for 4-8 hours. This formula is non-comedogenic so doesn’t block pores, and you don’t need to rinse off.

After 3 hours you’ll start seeing a naturally beautiful glow and after 8 hours of application your golden tan will be fully developed and should last 3-7 days.


This is a fluffy, over-sized brush that will enhance and help you use the Prep-Set-Tan mist. It will make it easier to get a perfect, even finish and you simply buff the product into the skin after spritzing it on, using quick circular motions. You can also spray the tanning mist directly onto the brush if you want to apply it to certain areas to give a contoured finish to the skin. It’s also great for sweeping across the neck and décolletage and just makes it easy and mistake-free!

Iconic London prep-set-tan tanning mists Iconic London prep-set-tan tanning mists Iconic London prep-set-tan tanning mists Iconic London prep-set-tan tanning mists

I love how easy and quick this is, plus I always love a tanning mist on my face as it’s just no fuss at all to apply as it literally takes 5 seconds and you are gone. This would be a fab product to take on holidays to spritz on in the evening to enhance your tan and give you that gorgeous summer instant glow at the same time.