The must-buy item of clothing for little girls this Summer 2023 : Boden Rainbow Tulle Jacket!

Boden rainbow tulle jacket

Boden Rainbow Tulle Jacket.

If you have a little girl, this might just be the item that you need on your radar for summer 2023. 

I spotted this on my Instagram feed a few weeks ago and IMMEDIATELY clicked through to purchase. Alas! It was sold out. A week or so after I was fed another Boden ad via somewhere else (as you get) and I thought I would chance it and see. I couldn’t believe my luck as they had only 4-5yrs left in stock (my daughter’s size) so I purchased it QUICK-SHARP.  It’s actually the first time I have EVER purchased *anything* from Boden and I was super pleased by how easy it was (I also got 20% off as it was a sale weekend – massive bonus!) and it arrived quickly with updates about delivery status etc. The perfect shopping experience and I will definitely be back.

Anyway, the Rainbow Tulle Jacket. It’s a dream piece. I love it. It’s so pretty and cute and fun and I absolutely WANT one for myself! So may others have said the same when I have shared it over socials.. Unfortunately they only do it up to a size 11-12yrs but here’s hoping for next year they do us grown up sizes. It’s has multicoloured layers of beautiful tulle fabric, it is linen-lined and does up at the top with a small button. I was a little nervous as my daughter, who is autistic, can sometimes be very particular when it comes to what clothes she will wear and textures etc BUT I simply left it hanging in her wardrobe and you know what?!….she chose it as soon as she saw it and wanted it on immediately! YES!

Boden rainbow tulle jacket

Boden rainbow tulle jacket Boden rainbow tulle jacket Boden rainbow tulle jacket

It looks super cute, and I can’t share too many pictures of her actually wearing it as we are having a naked-at-home stage but I can promise it’s really pretty! I feel like it would be maybe more of a fun / holiday / occasion kind of jacket for most, but for us we will literally wear I when she fancies a bit of pizazz….it may be to the park, to the supermarket or just flouncing about @ home…it’s all fine with me. It would look super cute with some jeans or shorts on holiday! Size-wise I would have gone up to a 5-6yrs if they had the stock in as we always size up as Margot is tall (and to get more wears out of items!) but it fits well now *but* I can’t see it lasting another summer which is a shame – they are true to size!

Anyway I wanted to share with you here as people seem to be really loving it and trying to get one themselves – like I said, it IS sold out currently but I was really lucky when I checked that they had a re-stock, so that may happen again, I would just keep checking back! CLICK HERE to check. Also, Boden do some really cute other kiddies clothing, I know I am very late to the party as it seems to be very popular with all the mums but I had never bought anything from there before and now I have a very long lust-list, both for myself and my daughter! They also seem to hold flash sales and 20-30% off sales quite regularly so keep your eyes out for that too.

Boden rainbow tulle jacket mini Boden girls sale mini Boden girls sale

I hope that’s given you a bit of rainbow tulle inspo for this summer, plus they do have lots of other pretty rainbow tulle style girls’ clothing which you can shop below. They have 20% off at the moment too. If we were going on holiday this year I would totally be stocking up on all the holiday gear – it’s all so pretty!