PIXI Skin Treats for Winter Skin : The Rose Caviar Essence & Rose Flash Balm

My skin just needs love right now. It’s feeling sad, beaten by the cold weather, a little exhausted and very lacklustre. I’m sticking to my normal skincare routine of cleansing (double in the PM) serum, oils and moisturiser but I’m adding in a couple of extras to really give my skin the boost it needs : The PIXI Rose Flash Balm and the PIXI Rose Caviar Essence.

These are 2 products that you can easily slip into your routine when you just need something a little bit *extra* without having to take out other products in your beloved skincare routine. You can layer these both under and over your serums and moisturisers…..however it works for you. PIXI have such a good range of skincare , and they have just launched a few additions into their rose skincare collection including a Rose Tonic (want) and a Rose Cream Cleanser (need).

Rose in Skincare

Rose extracts, rose water and rose oils are all used within skincare. So WHY is it so good and what does it do?..

Rose is particularly good for calming soothing and it has powerful anti-inflammatory products. It is also naturally anti-bacterial therefore great for blemishes and breakouts, as well as a normal and dry skin type. Rose also contains high levels of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant so protects the skin cells from damage. Rose also has a very aromatic and therapeutic scent so can also help to clam the senses when applied onto the skin and body.

Rosehip seed oil, whilst not directly from the flower but from the seed, is one of my favourite types of oils to use on my skin as it is perfect for combination and breakout skins and can be used to treat acne and help with scarring.

The entire rose flower is truly a unique and active skincare ingredient.

The Rose Caviar Essence is a pinkish translucent gel with small globules/ beads within which are encapsulated flower oils (fancy I know) so when you rub the essence onto your skin, these melt and infuse your skin with fresh botanicals. It helps restore the skin’s radiance and hydration and also contains antioxidant-rich oils to protect and nourish. Perfect to pop under a moisturiser or even under a serum if you are *that* fancy. When applied onto the skin, it’s like a gel-water almost that absorbs in really quickly and leaves skin feeling really fresh and enlivened.

The Rose Flash Balm is one of my favourite PIXI skincare products and it’s simply just working on my reactive and weather-ravaged skin at the moment. It’s thicker in texture than the essence but still gel-like and oil-free so definitely not your thick moisturiser. This is perfect as a lightweight makeup prep, lightweight emulsion if you are oily-combo or you can layer this within your skincare if you are more dry or dehydrated. I love it to tap on just before makeup application and over my existing skincare to give my skin a boost and it sits really well under makeup so no need for a primer.

Have you indulged in PIXI skincare yet? What are your favourite Rose products?