Look Good Feel Better Makeup Brushes.

About Look Good Feel Better (LGFB)

LGFB is a worldwide cancer support charity providing support for women who are living with cancer or suffering from the side effects of treatment. The charity has key aims of helping improve self-esteem, confidence and general well-being through free self-help beauty workshops. These workshops focus on skincare and makeup and have been going strong since 1994 and so far helping over 130,000 patients. These workshops are ongoing and available all over the UK and are run by health & beauty volunteers.

The Makeup Brush Collection

As part of this wonderful charity and to enable these workshops, LGFB also have a range of 12 makeup brushes that you can purchase. The brushes are of a great quality, are precisley cut which makes them really soft and gives a super professional finish and application. The hair is high quality Taklon which is synthetic, anti-bacterial and also allergy-free, cruelty-free and suitable for ALL skintypes including the super sensitive. I have tried out a huge amount of brushes/hair types in my time and these are some of the best synthetic brushes I have ever used!

 My three most-loved brushes from the range include the multi-tasker (must have!), the angled face brush and the super fluffy powder brush…

The Multi Tasking Brush is my absolute favourite. It’s that kind of perfectly sized buffing brush that makes it useful for applying foundation, blusher, powder, highlighter…..whatever you see fit. I personally love it for anything liquid, in particular my cream foundation, bronze and blusher. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I quite like a two-tone brush also as you can tell easily when it needs a good clean and/or what product you have previously been using with it.

The Angled Contour Brush is a necessity for any of those wanting to get that chiselled, carved up face that all we all know and love form Instagram and basically….Kim Kardashian. On a serious note, you can use this for pretty much anything you fancy ; NOT just for contouring! I love it for blusher and yes it has a perfect shape for applying contour powders and creams.

If you like a super soft fluffy face brush then The Powder Brush is exactly what you need. It’s one of *those* that you will probably end up just stroking more than actually using as it feels so gorgeous. Ever felt a squirrel-hair (yikes) brush, it honestly feels as soft as those, is a totally cruelty-free (NO we don’t buy squirrel /sable/ fur brushes anymore people!) and is costs just £12.99.

An 8%-12% donation is given from the sale of each brush or set. Helping your face and helping a great cause! You can find out more handy information on the LGFB website and the brushes are available both here, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic & selected Boots stores.