Urban Decay Lash Freak Mascara Review with before and after photos.

urban decay lash freak mascara review

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Another day another Urban Decay launch and review! This was sent to be really soon after the Ultraviolet palette I reviewed just last week so I also wanted to share with you my review and take on the slightly unusual Urban Decay Lash Freak Mascara.

First up, this wand….this wand is like nothing I have ever seen before on a mascara and it looks kinds like something from out of space. I was bemused and intrigued when I opened it up for the first time. For me, and anyone really, it’s ALL about the wand ; that’s 80% of the mascara and the rest is the formula.

Mascara preference is very personal and depends on a few things such as your eye shape (hooded eyes etc), the amount of oil you have around your lids, the length and thickness of your lashes and of course how you want your lashes to look….the end result. Some people like a flutter, some people like a bit of a thick, clumpy lash, some people want length, some people want a bit of everything.

I honestly couldn’t wait to get this mascara on my lashes, I haven’t tried any Urban Decay mascara for YEARS and none have really been that stand-out for me. First application I wasn’t quite sure where to go or which way to use to wand so I kind of twisted it and used the flat, curved side as well as the bristled side ; if you use the flat side…..the mascara will go on hard and fast. Like…..a LOT. It’ll be pretty heavy and you will have a lot of product on your lashes quickly. I honestly think makeup artist’s will actually love this to create a really clumpy, fashion lash.

urban decay lash freak mascara review urban decay lash freak mascara review urban decay lash freak mascara review

urban decay lash freak mascara review

On my next application the next day, I used just the bristle-side, which I feel is probably how you are ‘supposed’ to use it*. It applied nicely and the product didn’t go on too heavy too fast. The first layer gave a nice separated lash, the second layer really built it up and gave it quite a thick lash (see below). I like the finish of it and it does have a bit of versatility.

*I just went to check on their website. It does tell you to kind of use the bristle side and tip on the lashes to coat and grab the smaller lashes and with the flat side you can push up the lashes for more drama.

The formula wears really well. It is marketed as a 20-hr wear mascara : sweatproof, smudgeproof, flakeproof. For me, it stayed put all day, in the heat and humidity and when I’ve been wearing it the last 4 days or so, I’ve been out and about, int he garden and being pretty active.

I didn’t get any fallout or crumbling. The formula dries ‘dry’ and quite hard. When I applied it (really heavily!) the first time I found I could really feel it on my lashes towards the end of the day. When I applied it normally it felt comfortable and light on my lashes with no problems.

It removes relatively easily although I would definitely go for an oil-based remover to make your work easier as this is a long wear mascara aka it’s there to stay!

urban decay lash freak mascara review before and after photos

Is it for you?

If you like quite a thick, buildable lash, and a silicone, workable wand, then give it a go! It may take 1 or 2 goes to see how to apply it to work for you, but once you do I think you’ll like it.

I don’t think this mascara is gonna be up your street if you like quite a classic, standard bristle brush and a wispy, natural flutter. It dries hard so you don’t have that lash movement or softness that I know some people like.

I think it’ll be quite hit and miss for people, but for me, I’m really into it and it’s weirdness! I’m always very excited when makeup is innovative and different…and works for me.

The Urban Decay Lash Freak mascara is available now on the Urban Decay website priced at £21.