July Birchbox : Contents & Review.

A lil’ late to the game as YEP we are pretty much in August right now, but I still wanted to share my thoughts on the Birchbox July edition ; what’s inside, value/savings and the rest.
The July Birchbox is all about looking forward to Summer and saying ‘YES to adventure’ : trying new things, buying *those* tickets and stepping out of the beauty comfort zone. So what’s within?…

Manna Kadar 3-in-1 Powder (2.5g) This is a multi use powder that can be used on the cheeks, eyes AND brows?! Wowzers. I like the concept of using one product for different things but you would be very lucky for this to work for all, especially the brows. This shade (trifecta) would work for a very pale-porcelain skin and blonde/fair hair. I’m also a little bored of seeing this brand and these powders in the Birchbox now as they seem to appear very often. It’s apparently a full-size worth £15 which makes it a *very* expensive powder g for g.

Next up in makeup is the Eyeko Fat Stick in ‘Satin’ (4g). I was really pleased to get to try this full-sized eyeshadow stick out as I love this kind of formula and I am a big fan of Eyeko products in general. It’s a chunky twist-up stick that gives instant and easy colour to the lids and is smudge and crease-proof = WINNER. Value £12.

There is one bath & body product which is a generous 50ml tube of ‘What’s On It For Me’ shower scrub. A brand and product I have never tried, love the size as it gives a good few uses to make up your mind about the product. It’s a body scrub, infused with orange and jasmine flowers ; smells lovely and will gently foam (with SLS). Value is £1.75.

A couple of skincare bits to finish and a product we all know and love is the Balance Me Congested Skin Serum (7ml). This definitely has been featured in Birchbox numerous times and some people would not like this if it’s not for their skin type. Fortunately for me, I really like it as it’s a serum that can be used on breakouts and blemishes to soothe and calm and it just works. I use it as an on-the-spot treatment so these deluxe sample sizes we get in Birchbox see me through a good few months. Value is £7.50. The other skincare sample is a pair (one-use) of the BeautyPro Undereye Mask. These are typical eye patches targeted towards puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. They contain collagen and green tea. A brand I have never used or have heard of so am intrigued to try them and to be honest, AND eye patches seem to feel good on my skin at the moment, so will be saving these for a hazy morning! Value is £1.65.

Total value of this month’s box = £37.90

Saving = £24.95

Undeniably a great saving this month and a few great picks for my taste. The stand out for me is the Eyeko shadow stick. Beside the saving, it’s not one of my favourite boxes this year and in all honestly I was a little meh when I opened it up. This happens though, I find any beauty boxes will be up and down throughout the year depending on your taste and preference. I definitely do not need to see any Manna Kadar products anytime soon though!

You can check out the Birchbox website, shop and subscribe right here (they have a really good shopping site FYI!). What do you think of this month’s box? Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? Do let me know.