My FIRST try of Mary Kay : The Moroccan Dunes Pure Dimension Eye Palette.

I’ll be honest, I have never used Mary Kay. I tend to shy away from brands that are only sold through consultants or online as I prefer to shop & swatch and buy without pressure and I have to physically SEE what I am buying before I buy it, especially when it comes to makeup, foundations and textures of products

I was sent a few products to try out which I was really excited about as I have been intrigued about this brand for so long. I want to share with you the star of the show and something that I am really loving : The Moroccan Dunes eyeshadow palette.

The texture of these eye shadows are ultra smooth, buttery and easy to apply. The shades, quality and the way they apply 100% honestly, NO BS,  remind me of the Chanel quads. I’ve tried them wet & dry and they are really beautiful eyeshadows. This particular quad is embossed with sea shells which is a nice touch but I only am caring about the shadows, and I think they are really great.

The colours are wearable and these tones will literally work on everyone and any eye colour ; there is a champagne shimmer, a pink golden, a soft mauve and a cool charcoal. If you want to see it on me, then I have it on in my latest You Tube video which you can see >> here.

The only small negative for me… the packaging. It’s not ultra offensive by any means, but it simply does not reflect the superior quality of the product that lies within. I was expecting the product to be not as good as it is solely based on the packaging as it’s just quite simple & lightweight, and a touch 90’s. I would maybe expect it from something L’Oreal or Maxfactor but not for a brand that is pitching towards that higher clientele who are spending £28 for this quad.

Aside from that one niggle about the packaging, this is a beautiful palette and I love the shades, the wear and how the shadows apply. This is a limited edition palette btw so if you want to find out more then check here on the website before it goes.

Have you tried Mary Kay before?! What do you think of the brand?