My Top 5 from Urban Decay.

Urban Decay is a makeup brand that I instantly associate with bright, bold and playful colour. I was a little bit of a late starter when it came to trying out the products and I remember the first thing that I tried was a lipstick (pre-vice)  maybe around 5 years ago. They have expanded hugely since then, and I think Urban Decay is one of the most popular makeup junkie brands on the market!

I think I’m probably not alone when I say I’m often slightly overwhelmed when I hit up an Urban Decay counter….. They. Do. So. Many. Products. All that colour, all those shiny lipsticks and countless colour staring back at you….where do you even start?! Well, my lil’ makeup loving pals… start exactly here. My top 5 products from Urban Decay of all time.

The Naked Heat Palette needs no introduction, we all know this one right? Possibly *the* biggest makeup launch and the most talked about product in 2017. Everyone wanted to get their hands on this warm-hued palette which started a HUGE trend for others to copy the shit out of it and follow suite. I am not a band-wagon jumper, and often when people are shouting about a new makeup launch, I tend to sit back and wait until I can get to a counter and see for myself what the quality and colours are like. 2 months after the launch I had it in my sticky hands and I can 100% confirm it is the best palette Urban Decay have ever done (imo) and the quality and mix of the pigments and finishes are second to none. Mine had a little accident hence why it’s cracked (inside and out eeek) but the pigment is still perfect and it’s a palette I use so much still.

A lot of people really rave about the Urban Decay All-nighter foundation, and it’s one that I am really keen to try, so I cannot compare BUT I am still really into the Naked Skin Foundation .I’m slightly ashamed to say I only purchased this off the back of hearing it’s what Mario used on Kim Kardashian on her wedding day and I love his work (cough not so much hers) so I skipped along and picked one up soon after. It is a lightweight formula but you can build it up to a pretty full coverage with a beauty blender, although I prefer wearing it as a more light-medium finish. It’s demi-matte and oil-free so it works well on my skin and it stays out pretty much all day. The Naked Skin Concealer I think came out quite a bit later than the foundation and I only picked up last year after I had run out of my favourite Estee Lauder cream concealer. I LOVE THIS :  it’s very lightweight in feel, yet perfect for use both under the eye and on pesky blemishes and redness. A perfect accompaniment to the naked skin foundation and great for quick and easy concealing.

I was lucky enough get the Troublemaker mascara in a goody bag, and I do get on with it, but it just dried out a little too soon for me. My pal who used to work at Urban Decay suggested to try the old classic, the Perversion Mascara and I think it’s actually a little better than the Troublemaker and it doesn’t seem to dry out. The formula isn’t too wet or dry, the bristles on the wand seem simple but they just seem to work and it doesn’t cake or smudge on me.

The 24-7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencils are so SO good. You absolutely need a few of these in your eyeliner stash. These are creamy, dreamy AND waterproof. The application is smooth and easy, the payoff is great AND they do a show-stopping 44 shades. I love the fact that you can pretty much get ANY shade you can dream of and not just the usual snore-some black, browns and a cheeky blue if you are lucky.

Can you spot any of your favourites here? I’m still a relative newbie to Urban Decay and haven’t got a huge amount in my makeup collection so I would love to more suggestions of must-have products from them.