Korean Skincare | Erborian Dongbaek Camellia Essence serum.

Serums are a beauty-obssessives’ THING and if you are yet still to add one into your daily routine ; then make this your *thing* for 2016. They are a moisturiser’s best (& more powerful) friend and I look at them a little like a problem-solver, hence why I have an abundance of them and chop and change between my arsenal of serums depending on my skin’s needs. One I have been using for a few months now which has impressed me and my skin is the Erborian Dongbaek Camellia Essence. Erborian is a Korean skincare brand (they also kick-ass at BB/CC creams) and their products are based around potent Korean herbs & flowers.

The Dongbaek Camellia Essence (I also have no idea how to pronounce that either) is an oil-based serum as opposed to a water-based/gel-like one. It is made from a cocktail of primarily Camellia Oil (73%) alongside flaxseed oil, grapeseed, coconut & argan oils. For an ‘oil serum’ it is still lightweight, not as rich or heavy as say NUDE’s Progenius, or your Darphin Oil’s, it still has a semi-watery texture. Fear not oily-skinned peeps, it won’t clog you up ; this has a dry oil feel to it and absorbs in nicely to the skin leaving it glowing as opposed to greasy. For my combination/oily skin I use a couple of drops into my skin in the AM under a light moisturiser or as a PM treatment solo. It smells delightful, soothes my skin instantly and gives me that comfortable & pampered feel.

Key ingredient Camellia Oil is naturally high in Antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, D & E as well as Omegas 3,6 & 9 and Oleic Acid. It also has a molecular weight similar to that of water hence why this oil-based serum is still easily absorbed and lightweight in feel. One of the reasons that serums are vital to your skincare is that because they are a light texture, they absorb into the skin deeper and work at this level as opposed to just the top layers of the skin which is what a moisturiser does ; I always think of a serum as the main event /targeted treatment and a moisturiser is more of your richer, protective hydrator that sits on top.

If you want a serum that will deeply nourish, boost radiance, repair and protect your skin then this could be one to try. It is anti-ageing as well as hydrating as it helps accelerate the skin’s cell turnover and improves elasticity. I think this would be ideal for anyone 25+ to give a good kick up the bum to existing serum-free daily routines.

 Have you tried anything from Erborian yet?