Look Fantastic May Beauty Box.

look fantastic beauty boxThe May Look Fantastic Beauty Box has landed and it’s all about botanical vibes ; focusing on the power of plants in all things skincare and beauty.

I have done a live unboxing of this over on my IGTV if you want to see that head over to my Instagram for my first impressions and chat! Here I’m just going to show you what’s inside the box, the size, a little bit about the product and of course…..the savings!

look fantastic beauty box

What’s Inside:

Magnitone London Wipe Out Microfibre Cleansing Cloth (x1 / £10) Super intrigued about these style of cleansing cloths : apparently you just add warm water to it (no product?!) and it takes off your makeup. Can’t wait to out it to the test as I’ve always wondered about these. If it doesn’t work it’ll be a great normal cleansing cloth anyway as I love a microfibre!

Dr Lipp Sweet Potato Lip Tint (3ml / £3) I LOVE DR LIPP. It was legit the only balm that saw me through a brutal course of roaccutane (you can read up on a bit of my journey here) and I’ve championed it ever since. I have one in my professional kit, one in my handbag and I’m never without. The tinted versions are beautiful and this shade is a translucent pink.

Eyeko Eyebrow Gel (4ml / £10) Another product I have used for years and I have it in my makeup bag right now. One of my favourite brow gels of all time and it’s a really nice formula that seems to always work well for me. It’s a translucent brown tone that will give a bit of colour and depth to very pale brows.

Avant Hyaluronic Acid Resurfacing Duo Moisturiser (50ml / £100?!) The one that confused me. When I was unboxing it on my IGTV I was like ‘oooooooh and nice hyaluronic face cream’ and it’s a brand I’ve never heard of. Then I saw the information and pricing on the leaflet and I was a bit in shock. This is apparently worth £100. Still confused tbh!

Korres Hydra-Biome Probiotic Superdose face mask (20ml / £9.40) I haven’t tried enough from Korres although I always hear great things and I loved their eye patches when I used them. I love trying out new masks so they are always a welcome addition in any beauty box.

Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Mist (10ml / £10) I haven’t used any Balance Me skincare for a few years but I remember always really liking it! I had a quick spritz of this and I liked it instantly : sprays really well (fine mist no splutter!) smells amazing and feel lovely and cooling on my skin.


I’m kinda shooketh as this is supposed worth £143 and costs just £15. The value is incredible and it’s *probably* worth grabbing this box if you can.

HOWEVER, I’m still not sure how or if that cream can honestly be worth £100 and it’s not making sense to me. The packaging does not reflect the price, I can’t seem to find it sold many places outside of Look Fantastic so hold your horses on that one. I will say though, even if this cream had a value of £20 which is what I would have presumed based on the packaging, ingredients and a light bit of research, then THIS IS STILL A GREAT BOX.

My star products of this box are definitely the makeup items : the Eyeko brow gel and the Dr Lipp tint ; both products I love and generous sizes that will last you well over a month of use.

look fantastic beauty box look fantastic beauty box


So with Look Fantastic boxes you can either buy them as a one-off which costs £15 inc. postage OR you can subscribe for 6 months (works out as £13.75 per box) or for 12 months (works out as £13 per box). If you are interested in signing up to the 6 or 12-month subscriptions then if you use my code LAURAFBB then you will get 10% off.

On a side note ; I STILL have my Look Fantastic 15% off code running which is LAURA_LF. Just type that in on checkout and most items will have this great discount. Click here to shop!

Let me know your thoughts on this box? I would be really interested if anyone has tried the Avant skincare before and your thoughts on it.

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