The NEW PIXI Liquid Fairy Lights Eye Shimmers : Swatches + Review.

SHIM-SHIMMER. These Liquid Fairy Lights are brand new from PIXI and are a liquid formula shimmer eyeshadow.

The Liquid Fairy Lights come in 5 neutral-wearable shades ; worn solo they are quite subtle and give a hint of colour and shimmer, they can also be worn over the top of your chosen eye colour as a topper to enhance the finish and glimmer.

I have been trying them in a multitude of ways and application methods to see what works best for me. I have found that applied  straight from the wand onto the lid and then gently blended with the fingertip gives the best effect worn solo. Be warned : these aren’t going to give you a full-pigment, cream shadow effect..they finish with a very subtle pigment payoff. If you blend them or rub them too hard onto the lid then you will lose a bit of the shimmer-effect, so a pressing method is best!

I am wearing them more as ‘eye toppers’ ; so over the top of an eyeshadow for a really pretty finish. They enhance the colour a little and more importantly, leave that really nice ethereal pop of shimmer. I love them just tapped into the centre of the lid for a halo effect. I have applied and swatched them for your perusal below : solo applied with fingertips and then used as toppers over eyeshadow so you can see the finishes and shades. My favourite go-to has been the warm, coppery ‘Passionlight’, obvs.

You will notice that when you apply the formula, it has a very cooling effect on the lids :  it contains both chamomile and rose extracts to cool and soothe the lids. I’m not gonna lie I’m kinda loving this right now with the heat! I have been wearing them for a few weeks and even with the humid conditions they have been staying put on my lids all day, although you will lose a bit of shimmer and get a bit of ‘glitter’ fallout under the eyes. This is kind of normal for these formulas though so no biggie for me. If you are familiar with the Stila Magnificent Metals then these do the same.

They cost £15 for a decent 5g size.

What do you think of these? Is it something you would be interested to try?