I’m trying to be a little bit ‘Glossier’.

I’m so 2017 right now by this being my first Glossier feature on this blog. I was going to race and buy it all when it launched, then I thought I would sit back and see what the reviews were like and wait on it a little bit. Curiosity still got the better of me in the end so I had to get my hands on some of the key products and see just why this NYC brand is splashed all over the beauty press and beyond.

So just in case you are the 5% of the population who know nothing about Glossier : A quick once over. Glossier is a ‘beauty movement’ that is all about celebrating real girls in real life. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s slightly imperfect, it’s for all and most importantly…it’s fun. It was founded in 2010 by the editors from intothegloss.com, a hugely popular beauty blog, and they created products based on trying *everything* beauty, reviewing products, writing about products, their readers, feedback and all the knowledge of beauty’s finest.

They are very much skincare-focused as much as makeup, which I love, as we all know great makeup can only be achieved with great skin. I like the fact that both the makeup, skincare and body ranges are very streamlined and almost simple. The prices are reasonable and it seems to just say what it does on the tin.

When I think of Glossier, I think of glossy skin, ethereal/ barely there foundation, messy brows and a minimalist makeup look. Sometimes this can be hard to do if you don’t have model skin however I embraced it anyway and gave myself a Glossier makeover using just a handful of products.

From Glossier I have the Priming moisturiser, the balm dot com, Cloud paint cheek colour, Haloscope highlighter and the Generation G lipstick. I am really loving the Priming moisturiser as it seems to give my makeup a really lovely dewy finish and the cloud paints are so quick and foolproof to use I will be definitely be investing in more of these shades.

The Haloscope highlighter, again is very quick and easy to use and this was one of the products I was most looking forward to trying as I crave for the glow. I found it worked best tapped on with fingertips and I use this on my brow bones, cheekbones, down the centre of my nose and if I want really healthy skin then a dip with my just-used foundation brush all over the skin seems to work really well also.

I think Glossier is a brand that you will like if you are more into the lighter-makeup-kinda look. It’s perfect for those who have little time to apply makeup in the mornings and want a *done* look in 5 minutes as opposed to 30 and possibly for those who aren’t that confident with makeup in general ; this makes the process a helluva lot easier.  Skincare wise, it’s not ground-breaking-inflated-claims type stuff : it’s simple and a back-to-basics kinda vibe…...which I’m feelin’. Sometimes I get a little eye-rolly when brands give you the ‘reduce your wrinkles’ ‘erase your pores’ ‘the NEWEST and most EFFECTIVE anti-ageing ingredient’ ‘the best delivery system’ kinda spiel as 80% of the time it’s just utter bullshit.

Next on my Glossier wish list is the Boy Brow, Milky Cleansing Jelly, Wowder and the Cloud Paint in shades Puff & Beam….eek and possibly Haze too. I want ’em all. Ooo and possibly the body duo…yikes.

Glossier, for me is a breath of fresh air : don’t expect it change the way you look , erase you pores, mask your skin or give you an instaglam look as it’s just not that kind of brand, and I’m embracing it. I think it’s something a little different which is what I think the beauty industry needed… a breath of fresh air.
Have you tried Glossier? I’d love to know your thoughts.