#3 Makeup Crush Monday : Urban Decay Naked BB Bronzing Balm.

I went to a skincare event in Debenhams, Oxford street at the start of the summer and turned up super early so ended up playing and swatching at the UD counter for like 15 mins. I hadn’t really tried much from this range except lipsticks/liners previous to this, so was just really intrigued about the rest of the brand. I swatched this Naked skin bronzing BB balm, liked it, and then I picked it up verrrry soon after.

This was my absolute go-to *summer skin* product. By summer skin, I mean my skin was a little clearer, a little more tanned and I didn’t fancy wearing any heavy bases. (This BB balm was one of the maybe, 25/30 makeup items I had stolen in Ibiza, and was one of 5 items that I had to immediately replace = speaks volumes!)

When it’s on, it gives a very light coverage, perfects the skin by smoothing it out and gives a lovely hint of warmth/tan to the skin. Currently, as I am back to wearing my normal bases/foundations, I am using this for ‘no makeup days’ and also I use it like a primer under my foundation. It refines my pores (with silicone) and gives a perfect smooth canvas and ALSO the light coverage ensures I only need minimal foundation/concealer over the top. It’s oil-free hence why it’s working perfectly as a primer for me, it also has an SPF20. If the bronze tint isn’t for you then I think they do at least 2 other shades.

This costs £23 and you can pick it up from most Debenhams, and online. I’ve also just seen they do an illuminating version which will be SUCH a good primer. *skulks off to buy that one too*