The new DHC Beauty Lift Eye Essence Roll-On : A must for sleepy eyes!

HELLO CLOCK CHANGE. Hello to those daunting dark 4pm’s, the colder mornings, the frosty breath and the 100% struggs to pull yourself out of your warm bed in the mornings to go to a job that 89% of you don’t want to even do. Lets’ move swiftly on before we (I) sink further into the winter blues.

Depending on how I am feeling and how I have slept, my skincare routine changes. If I’ve had a horrendous night’s sleep, I will usually have sore skin, puffy eyes and my body will ache. If I have time, I will have a quick muscle soothing bath (YES in the morning!) to ease the mind & body and will use some nice fresh skincare to pep me up including the DHC Beauty Lift Eye Care Essence Roll-On. This is a brand new eye serum from my favourite Japanese skincare range and it’s a fabulous & potent serum that is all about tightening, firming, cooling and de-puffing the delicate eye area.

The ingredients include a cocktail of firming actives including mevalonolactone, Ceramide 3 & Pentapeptide-18. Are you still with me? It also contains more friendly-sounding Oat Kernel Extract that may be more familiar sounding and this is to soothe & firm the  delicate eye area.

I think a key part of this eye essence which makes it work and feel SO good, is the application in a rollerball-type pen. It has x 3 metal rollerballs that not only instantly cool upon contact with the skin, but these also stimulate the circulation and lymphatic drainage around the eye area. Honestly, it feels so cool and soothing! (This is also a perfect hangover cure FYI all your seasonal party WILDCATS.)

This fabulous eye serum is priced at just £24 and from now until the end of December it’s just £20 on the DHC Website. Do let me know if you pick one up to see you through those dark, wintery wake-up calls.