NEW Crownbrush PRO Makeup Brush Range.

You know I love my Crownbrush makeup brushes, so when they recently launched a full range of ‘pro’ brushes, I was super excited to try them out. 

They have included 30 brand new brushes in the Crownbrush PRO range and they differ from their standard brushes by being of a better quality of hair and they have also have a mix of synthetic and natural hair to give the ultimate professional finish. I love the fact that Crown have pushed the boat out in terms of the cuts and shapes of the brushes.... some I have never seen or used before which instantly impresses me as I already have a ridiculous arsenal of makeup brushes/ artist brushes in my pro collection, so new shapes of brushes which I don’t have get me a little over-excited.

I was sent a bunch of the Crown PRO to try out, and here I have hand-selected my personal 5 favourites ones and why I am loving these particular fluffy friends.

(1) The C531Pro Lush Pointed Powder Brush is the top of my list. It is a really soft synthetic brush that is smack bang in between a bronzer and a blusher brush in size ; which makes it ideal for both and or any type of powdering. I like it for contour because of the tapered point and I like my contour to be relatively natural. I apply it initially with the point to pack the contour cream or powder on and then use the fluffier sides to buff it out to nearly nothing. As it is synthetic hair, this can be used for both cream and powder products

(2) C500 Pro Flat Powder Brush A lovely fluffy powder brush that has quite a unique flat-shape if you look at it sideways. Ideal for powder or bronzer because of it’s large fluffy shape. Made from natural hair (goat) and it is super soft and lovely on the skin because of the shape and cut. It reminds me of the shape of the original Chantecaille powder brush if you ever got your hands on that one (it has since changed!).

(3) C525 Pro Round Blender Brush This is a real beauty of a brush and every MUA needs something like this in their kit. (I recently just spent £££ @ IMATS on a Hakuhodo one exactly like this!) It is a really small buffing type brush,  with a round head and a semi-firm finish and feel which makes this brush ideal for precision powdering in those hard-to-reach areas and places you need to really pack it on ; corners of the nose, above the brows, chin etc etc. I also use this for buffing in cream foundation and concealer in larger areas (goes VERY well with the Kevyn Aucoin SSE FYI.) A really good on-set powdering/ touch-up brush for professional makeup artists.

(4) C505 Pro Angle Contour Buffer This is a great brush for contour lovers, in particular I think it works perfectly with a powder formula as again, this is a natural (very soft) Sable hair. The angle allows you to follow the curve of the face/cheeks for an easy application.You can absolutely use this with cream contour if you prefer, although the hair may ruin over time. This brush is ideal if you like a heavier look on your contour, also it is great for heavy blotting and powdering. 

(5) C508 Pro Angle Blender Brush. A small, angled, synthetic brush that can be used for everything and anything with both powder and cream formulas. Do with it what you will. I find this brush perfect for anything under eyes ; blending & buffing in concealer and also to set my concealer with the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder ; It’s just a great shape and size for this.

Have you tried any Crownbrush makeup brushes yet? They are my no.1 for brushes on a budget and the service is always great & very easy to shop online. You can also catch Crownbrush at most makeup trade shows if you want to have a see and feel of the brushes before you buy (that’s if you can bust your way to the front of the always-2-metre-deep-que of makeup obsessives that are clambering all over the stand!) Let me know your thoughts.