Repairing Bleached & Damaged Hair : My Top Hair products from L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert.

L'Oréal Professional Expert Serie haircare range for bleached damaged hair

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If you have been reading my blog or following me on social for a while you know that I’ve REALLY put my hair through it in these last few years. There’s been bleach. A lot of bleach. A lot of a-home bleach. Lots of colour, lots of change of colour. More colour. Maybe some more bleach. I am *very* much focused at the moment on using the best haircare for bleached and damaged hair so as I am going on this journey of repair (and no more bleach I promise!!) I want to share with you along the way, some hair care that seems to be making a difference. Today I am talking about the L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert range and the best products that are working for me.

My first dabble into the L’Oréal Professional Haircare range was maybe like 15 years ago. My hairdresser and good friend used to stock this particular range in her salon, used to use it herself and absolutely raved about it (she still does to this day!). I used to use their incredible masks after I had my hair coloured but it’s been a fair few years since I’ve used the products and recently I’ve been working my way through a bundle of their newer products and wanted to share with you my my ultimate favourites that are doing wonders for my hair.

The L’Oréal Serie Expert Range of haircare was launched in 2000 and was aimed at that level up from your high street hair care ranges and more of a salon professional quality….but without the price tags. It’s affordable, professionally developed haircare which is results driven with active formulas.

I am letting my colour wash out at the moment. A lot of people have noticed it’s more blonder and cooler and that’s because I’ve also been using the Serie Expert Blondifier Range which is specifically for bleached blondes to get rid if unwanted tones and brassiness. The Blondifier Shampoo contains a wealth of nourishing ingredients including Acai berry extract and is also contains our favourite purple pigments to keep or enhance that lovely cool blonde tone. It’s a really nice gentle cleansing shampoo and doesn’t leave hair feeling stripped. The Blondifier Conditioner is a lovely treatment for the hair to smooth and nourish hair that has been bleached. Again this has the Acai polyphenols from the aciai berry to  nourish and protect the hair. It’s lovely and lightweight but leaves my hair feeling really soft and conditioned. 

L'Oréal Professional Expert Serie haircare range for bleached damaged hair

One of my favourites products from the L’Oreal Expert range is the incredible Absolut Repair Mask. This is such an incredible hair mask and is enriched with gold quinoa and protein to really resurface and strengthen the hair. It has a lovely smell, that is familiar from when I used to use these hair treatments way-back-when and it feels nice, thick and buttery ; a real treat for the hair. If you hair is damaged that this is honestly the one for you. I am currently using it once a week and will definitely be re-purchasing when it runs out. I have also just seen they do a full shampoo/conditioner + haircare in this range and actually I think I may move onto this repairing range after I’ve used up the Blondifier!

You know I love my spray leave-in conditioners for my damaged hair as it just seems to add that extra softness and moisture that my hair needs and this was my first time using the Serie Expert Color 10 in 1 Multi-purpose Spray. This is is really great hair treat and can be used in a number of way for a number of things. It can be used as a cutting lotion, a detangler before colouring, a standard leave-in conditioner after washing (how I use it!), and also as a pre-blow dry protection spray. It’s nice and lightweight and doesn’t weigh my hair down and just makes it more manageable and dry softer. It contains Resveratrol and Panthenol to effectively control frizz and leave locks calm and manageable.

L'Oréal Professional Expert Serie haircare Blondifier range for bleached damaged hair L'Oréal Professional Expert Serie Absolut repair haircare range for bleached damaged hair L'Oréal Professional Expert Serie haircare range for bleached damaged hair

Have you tried anything from the L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert range before? I’ve also seen it’s available online at Look Fantastic too and my code LAURA_LF should get you 20% off! Let me know your thoughts! What is the best repairing haircare range you have tried after bleach and colouring?

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