Fragrance Focus! Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Review.

Gucci Flora gorgeous gardenia review

Let’s chat Gucci fragrance! This is the latest to my perfume collection and it’s really quite beautiful.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum for Women is a ‘joyful floral perfume’. A delicious potion of joy built around the Gardenia flower blended with solar Jasmine absolute, cheerful Pear Blossom accord and sweet Brown Sugar accord.

This is my first ‘modern’ Gucci fragrance. I think the last Gucci perfumes I owned was the original ‘Gucci’ that launched maybe 2004-ish and then of course, Gucci Rush which was a classic noughties scent. Anytime I get a whiff of that (which is definitely a rarity!) it takes me back to an all-bar-one drinking WKD’s and listening to garage music whilst wearing my Miss Sixty jeans! I love it how fragrance can literally transport you back to a moment in time and can bring you such vivid moments and memories.

The Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia is certainly a more modern and beautiful scent : it’s feminine, floral, soft and pretty. It launched in 2021 and is a brand new Gucci fragrance. It was created by Honorine Blanc and Alberto Morillas.


Gucci Flora gorgeous gardenia review Gucci Flora gorgeous gardenia review Gucci Flora gorgeous gardenia review Gucci Flora gorgeous gardenia review

With a scent inspired by the believed mystical power of the Gardenia Flower, Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia is reintroduced as a joyful floral Eau de Parfum. Blended with the solar note of Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute, the signature scent is steeped in with a cheerful Pear Blossom accord and a touch of Brown Sugar.

Top Notes – Pear Blossom

Heart Notes – White Gardenia, Jasmine

Base Notes – Brown Sugar, Patchouli

I have to say:  this is one of my favourite perfume bottles that I have! I think it looks SO pretty and I love floral prints and designs anyway so this really is a bit of me. The stunning scent is encased within a new, elongated bottle, with lacquered pink glass and gold cap making it an object of beauty. One notable addition is the House’s distinctive Flora pattern, reimagined with a design inspired by Alessandro Michele’s vision. A core part of the Gucci identity, the motif is a painting of colourful flowers by artist Vittorio Accornero, created for Gucci in 1966. The outer part is made from FSC® certified paper – a system that guarantees products have been harvested responsibly.

The bottle looks delicate, pretty and feminine : and I think it truly reflects what it holds within.

Gucci Flora gorgeous gardenia review Gucci Flora gorgeous gardenia review Gucci Flora gorgeous gardenia review

I really do love this fragrance. On paper and just reading the notes I probably wouldn’t think it was one I would like but it’s different to anything else I really have and it’s not overly floral or sweet. It’s delicate, it’s soft, it’s pretty and it’s just really easy and wearable for me. I feel this is more of a fresh, juicy daytime scent as I like to go heavier and more masculine in the evenings. This is definitely a more feminine scent. The only other Gardenia-based scent that I can remember loving this much is the Marc Jacobs ‘Cocktail Splash’ Gardenia : do you remember those in the giant 200ml bottles?! I still have them in my fragrance ‘archives’ and it’s also a really delicious gardenia fragrance. 

The stunning Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia is available from The Perfume Shop and the prices start from £55 for a 30ml bottle.

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