The FULL Coverage Foundation Edit.

There is always times when we need to reach for that trusty full coverage foundation. Perhaps you feel more confident with a imperfection-free, airbrush-like base? Maybe you have acne, redness on your skin or that (un)faithful time-of-the-month breakout? Perhaps you just like being a perfect, flawless bitch ERRRRday. Whatever the reason, we are lucky enough to be blessed with SO much great choice in terms of budget, brand & finishes in our quest for that perfect, impeccable base. Pssssst there is more out there than just Double Wear.

However you choose to wear foundation, it’s good to have options, and sometimes we need that one that is just going to hide all sins, make us look like we’ve had 8 hours sleep instead of two and simply something that you will put on in the AM and will still be there, in part, by 6pm.

Even if it’s not something you like to wear on a daily or even weekly basis, a decent, good coverage foundation should be in everyone’s base arsenal for those times of need, when we need to fake a flawless complexion.

Here are my current go-to’s when I need a little more than a helping help to sort ma face.

Too Faced Born This Way (£28). Ahhhh how I love thee Too Faced. This is actually the ONLY base/foundation product I have tried from Too Faced but I think the most popular? NOTE TO SELF: Try more Too Faced foundations this year. The Born This Way is oil-free, yet super hydrating, and the creamy formula is easily build able from a medium to a full coverage.  This is also fragrance-free so good for sensitive skins. 18 shades to choose from.

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer (£38). My all-time absolute favourite and it’s what I’m wearing in the above pic. I have used this for 8 years ; I have always worn shade 10. Nothing changes and it will always give me results. You can use this as concealer, foundation, even sheer it down to a tinted moisturiser if ya fancy. Covers everything from acne to scarring and tattoos AND it’s water-resistant so good for holidays, humidity, all-day shoots and this teeny pot is pro kit friendly. I carry the full shade range in my pro kit (16 shades) & it is a absolute space saviour. This one is for hardcore full coverage fans out there.

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Stick (£29) . Bordering on the more medium-full coverage, but this is possibly one of my favourite foundations at the moment….and of all time. A fresh and build-able creamy consistency that doesn’t feel cakey or look heavy. Plus… in a stick is a godsend for us lazy peeps. Psssst this is better than the hourglass Vanish Stick. One for when your skin is needing help, but not SOS kind of help.

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude (£8-ish). My favourite *fuller* coverage foundation with a budget price tag. Oh LORD. I have just googled it to find out a price…..they have obvs discontinued this. ONE THING I hate about high street brands like Maybelline, they bring foundation in and out so damn quickly : I mean, this only came out 2/3 years ago?! Pah. Anyway, I love/d this as it is super lightweight fluid feel and a easy to build, full-coverage and demi-matte finish. It *was* (sob) a good dupe the NARS luminous all-day coverage foundation.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover (£31). Forget Double Wear – over rated. It’s ALL about this little blue-tubed beauty when it comes to full, flawless and amazing coverage. I have used this in my pro kit for YEARS (Charlotte Tilbury showed me the way amongst many other top makeup artist’s who use this in their kits) and it’s amazing. It works as a concealer and/or foundation and you can sheer it down with whatever you fancy to get the coverage that you want. When I had severe acne, THIS was the foundation that saved me & helped me feel more confident. I will always have a special place in my heart for this foundation. They have now reduced the shade range, which is pretty shoddy, so currently running on only 6 I think. Luckily for me, I stocked up bag in the day so I still have a good shade range for my kit. These go with me everywhere & on every shoot.

Illamasqua Skin Base (£32.50). I’ll be honest, when I first purchased this after it launched I did not like it, and it didn’t WOW me as I had hoped. However, a trusted makeup artist friend was still swearing by it and gave me some tips so I dug it back up….once I worked with it a little and showed it some love, it became a firm favourite for that full-coverage and flawless look. It has quite a thick, balm-like consistency, and is best applied with a Beauty Blender or brush for sure. A great array of colours and tones….I carry the white skin base in my kit EVERYWHERE I go to pale down foundations for the ethereal girls, use as highlight, and anything else I fancy.

We CANNOT mention Illamasqua without acknowledging their recent ANTI-FACISM PLEDGE. A stance against Donald Trump and his values and those who are like-minded. Illamasqua stand against discrimination in any form and strive to stamp out intolerance & hatred. B-R-A-V-O to a brand that have never been afraid to speak up for their ethos & beliefs.

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Any budget GO….