Makeup Crush Monday #9 | House of Glamdolls Glambase Wheel.

This week’s Makeup Crush Monday is a more specialised makeup product that once you know how to use and work it, I assure you it will become your one-stop shop for creating your perfect sculpted base. Created by makeup demi-god David Horne, The Glambase Wheel is multi-use product for complexion enhancement.

I have so much love for David, and I know his knowledge in makeup, application is just BEYOND so I really trust products he launches and things he recommends. He was my makeup teacher around 8/9 (gulp) years ago and he is my go-to for when I have an industry or serious makeup question ; my (unwilling!) mentor all these years later.

It is a cream pigment makeup wheel ; containing 6 shades to enhance, conceal and brighten the skin. I initially thought and expected it to be 6 shades of concealer, but actually it contains x2 concealers, x2 contour/sculpt creams and x1 highlighter. It’s a makeup secret like this that will take your makeup to that next level.

How to Use /Apply:

Glow The centre shade Glow is a reflective ivory pearlised highlighting cream. This can be used in select areas to highlight and brighten, also can be mixed in with the perfect shades to add a brightening hue underneath the eye area.

Illuminate A light shade of neutral cream pigment to illuminate and lift features. Can be used on cheekbones to lift, under the brow bone, as an eyelid base too. This is perfect of you want highlight without sheen.

Sculpt 1 An ash/taupe shade of neutral cream pigment to sculpt and contour. This is probably my favourite part of the wheel, it’s very similar to Illamasqua ‘hollow’ but not as dewy/sheeny in texture. Perfect for contouring or just a a lovely eye shade.

Sculpt 2 An ochre/olive shade of neutral cream pigment to sculpt and contour. This is deeper than Sculpt one and can be used for slightly warmer skin tones to ,and also for more extreme contouring. Again, I like this as an eye shade, particularly glorious for blue eyes as it is a warmer brown tone which makes the colour pop.

Perfect 1 An olive based concealer to perfect and conceal, perfect for neutralising unwanted violet tones. This tends to be my go-to concealer for redness and blemishes, really good for reducing redness on the skin before and after foundation application.

Perfect 2 A peach based concealer to perfect, ideal for brightening and neutralising unwanted blue tones. This is what I use under my eye area, and peachy tones tend to be really good to neutralise the dark shadows under the eye.

This is 100% a makeup artist kit essential and for any makeup enthusiast who loves to enhance facial features/ contour / highlight and wants something quick and easy to use. I believe they are bringing out more tones to this which is great news*, I can imagine makeup artists having all of the tones in their kit to space-save. I am loving  using this to get ready and trying out all the different pigments in different areas & mixing them together to custom-blend.

*Update! David has just informed me that they have just launched a darker shade of the Glambase Wheel.

 The Glambase Wheel is available online priced at £25.