Lip Fillers : My Experience & Before / After.

I mentioned it on social media a while ago and here is the in’s and out’s of my lip filler/ augmentaion experience with the all important before & after shots. So I am always one for being open & honest about any cosmetic procedures I have and I do like sharing it with you. I am not ashamed about having anything done (I’ve only ever had Botox before…you can read about that here) …plus also I know my readers like reading about the HONEST experience as they are always very popular posts. I don’t think I exaggerate the truth or make it sound more or less glamourous than the reality, so read about my first lip filler experience…

Why I wanted my lips done.

Now my lips are definitely not small in anyway. I have always had relatively full lips…but my bottom lip is quite a bit bigger than the top. It’s actually ‘normal’ & apparently ? to have a bit of a bigger bottom lip but I wanted my top lip to be a little more voluptious and plump. So I decided to do something about it. I am relatively confident about having things like this done as I guess in some respects I am not overly bothered if it doesn’t look amazing ?? plus it really does not last more than a good few months. If I didn’t like my fuller lips, they wouldn’r be with me for that long. That’s just the way I look at it.

I went to La Belle Forme (Brentwood) which is my local clinic. The consultant ran me throught the procedure, asked me lots of questions about the shape and results I wanted. She was really knowledable, had been doing it a LONG time and was super efficient. We went straight into the procedure thereafter.

I am seeing a lot of people going to *cheap* places to have lip injections such as local beauty and even nail salons (my local high street nail salon do it every saturday now!!) Anyone without any medical background or medical quals can train to do injectables…hence why the recent surge of people offering it for very low prices (if it’s costing £100, I would ask questions)…. GO to somewhere that is a professional clinic & who use medical professionals, doctors, nurses & surgeons…if you want to be on the safe side, which you should want to be on.

Type of Filler.

Like anti-wrinkle injections, there are many different types of filler that can be used for lips. I was given a choice at the clinic of different ones based on the results I wanted and the shape, structure & volume, and in the end we chose a brand called ‘Volbella’. This is part of the well-known Juvaderm family, and as with most filler types, it is Hyaluronic Acid based which is regarded as the best & most natural. Volbella is widely regarded as one of the most advanced types of lip fillers available, although it is slightly pricier than some of the other Juvaderm formulas. It can last up to a year once injected.

The Amount : 1ml

One thing I am really thankful for is that my physician persuaded me to go with a full 1ml of filler. A lot of time they will suggest just 1/2ml on your first time (like every girl I know has 1/2 initially….and then regrets it & wants more!) and the results are perfect. I honestly think if I had been *safe* and gone for 1/2 ml I would have been straight there the next week getting the next half put in, and spending more money.

The Procedure + Pain

I had numbing cream slathered on…..and really slathered on! This was so my lip area was numbed to the max and the pain would be minimal. This was then wiped off, the area cleaned and then the injections into my lips began with the syringe. It was a little eye-watering, but bearable and nothing that would put me off having the procedure again. Some areas were more tender than others (I think under the top lip was sensitive for me) but it was all over in around 2 minutes. I had maybe 8 injection sites mainly on my upper lip but just a touch in the bottom.

Your lips are lightly massaged immediately after to ensure the filler is dispersed evenly and there are no lumps or bumps in any areas. The numbing cream wears off after an hour or so so don’t try and eat a KFC meal immediately after like I did = It’s tricky. You are then free to carry on your day as normal. I felt a little sore on the lip area immediately after but it didn’t stop me from doing anything as usual. Obviously avoid slathering on lipstick & keep the lips makeup free for the rest of the day.

Results : Before + After

I was really and am really happy at the result. It’s not a huge or overly noticeable difference, and no one I have seen has actually noticed anything different. My lips are simply a little more full on the top and plumper.

I remember I had a big shoot the next day, and I was terrified about having huge ‘I’ve-just-had-my-lips-done-lips’…however I had literally zero side effects aside from a tiny bit of tenderness on my upper lip. After the procedure I went home to my unsuspecting worse half and he *did* say ‘what’s happened to your face’ but he couldn’t tell what or where. So yeah, it must have looked a little swollen immediately after but nothing horrendous or that would prevent me from carrying on as normal. 

I do know of people who have had terrible swelling & bruising though so everyone IS different in how you will react. Maybe I am just one of those annoying lucky ones. I believe the better the doctor/nurse is at injecting, the less your side effects will be ; so make sure you go to a reputable clinic!

It’s quite a weird thing to say but I look at myself in the mirror now and I don’t see much difference, I think it’s just because I am used to it and also it doesn’t look stupidly fake AKA the dreaded Instagram lips I keep seeing everywhere. I think if you are considering it, start with 1ml and go from there. I can only imagine some of these girls & boys are having 2-3ml’s put in a time as they look very fake and full. If you like that kinda thang, then go for it…it’s each to their own and it’s your own body. 

Lip fillers last up to one year in and prices start from usually £250 for the Juvaderm Volbella 1ml. More information about where I had it done & clinics can be found here.

What do you think of my *new* lips? Is it something you would consider?