Alpha H ‘Get The Glow Collection’ on QVC.

Alpha H QVC TSV the glow collectionSkincare junkies take note ; this amazing offer has JUST gone live on QVC and it includes the newest launch from Alpha H, the Vitamin C paste.

The ‘Get The Glow Collection‘ is an Alpha H trio of (mainly) supersize products and includes the cult classic Liquid Gold (supersize 200ml) , the Absolute Eye Complex (supersize 30ml) and the new Vitamin C paste (normal size 30ml).

This amazing collection of glow-up skincare products costs just £41.98 and has a usual retail value of over £150! THIS IS INSANE. Alpha H fans stock up, as it’s going to sell fast and a good excuse to stock up on that Liquid Gold.

Alpha H QVC TSV the glow collection

Alpha H

If you don’t know, you should GET to know. It’s an amazing and effective skincare brand, born and raised in Australia and I have been personally using their Liquid gold for well over 8 years now. There are a lot of Alpha H products that are always in my routine and it’s a ‘proper’ serious skincare brand : no faff, no pretence, just results.

They use active ingredients, it’s research-proven and results driven which has gained a huge worldwide following of beauty editors, makeup artists and skin clinicians.

Liquid Gold

Probably the most famous of their products. The Liquid Gold is an effective resurfacing tonic that targets the signs of ageing, sun damage and pigmentation. Key ingredients include glycolic acid, liquorice extracts and silk proteins. The original brightening and glow treatment!

Absolute Eye Complex

This is a lovely lightweight gel eye cream. Targets dark circles, puffiness and fine lines an can be used all around the eye area including the lids (yes!). This is a true makeup artist favourite and a perfect skin prep to use under makeup as it won’t disrupt your concealer. A really good and refreshing eye serum to use in the AM when you need a bit of a perk-up.

alpha h vitamin c paste

*NEW* Vitamin C Paste

I was so excited when I saw that this was their newest product. I absolutely LOVE vitamin C as an ingredient, and when done well, it can give GREAT results on the skin. This is a ‘waterless’ formula that delivers vitamin C in a drip-feed method and penetrate the skin. Vitamin C can be very unstable/ ineffective in skincare unless it has a proper delivery system such as this one. Once it’s actively used on the skin, the results are REALLY good and it will work to help with pigmentation and brighten the skin.

This paste has a velvety feel and finish so it actually applies like a primer and imparts a soft-focus finish on the skin, giving an instantly smoother appearance. LOVE!

So if you want to take advantage of this amazing QVC TSV deal then it’s right here and it’s available from NOW (2nd September) until the 8th September.

*press samples