Overnight miracles | My current favourite night creams.

Some people have a huge arsenal of serums, day creams, oils, lotions and potions. Others just a simple wash & face cream does them just fine. Whether you sit one one side of the scale or the other, a good night cream, that suits your skin can make a world of difference. I usually stick to the rules that day creams are for protection (SPF) and antioxidants (anti-ageing) and night creams are for replenishing & restoring.

As you relax and sleep at night, your skin is doing the opposite and goes into regenerating mode and becomes more active than in the day. Your skin is more receptive to ingredients you put on the skin so choosing a product that addresses your needs is vital.

I am one of those who has various different creams depending on how my skin looks and feels, and what it needs on a day-to-day basis. That just seems to work for me. After double-cleansing in the PM, I will 90% of the time use a night cream or oil but I dip in and out of different ones all the time and am never quite loyal to one. Here is a handful of my top picks at the moment..


Antipodes Divine Face Oil

Not a night treatment as such but this potent and organic oil-concentrate can be used AM or PM, although I often use it as a twice a week night treatment (and in the day) to really give my skin a boost. It is nutrient rich and avocado oil tackles fine lines, age spots and scarring. Rosehip oil is one of my favourite skincare oils and this has multi-skincare benefits that include balancing, radiance and restoring. (also really good for problematic and blemishes skin) This is a multi-purpose treat that people with oily and combination skins can use.

Una Brennan Rose Peaceful Skin night cream

This is one of my favourite night creams when I want something that absorbs in really quickly into my skin. It feels like I have nothing on and has a really lovely lightweight texture. Contains rosewater (antibacterial/hydrating), rosehip (balancing/brightening/anti-ageing) and soothing cucumber & willow. One of my go-to’s for my summer skin PM cream and such a great price at just £14.99. It has a lovely delicate rose-scent that also calms your senses and gives a bit of an aromatherapy kick.

He-Shi Overnight Tanning Balm

Not only does this cream have hyaluronic acid to hydrate & plump, jojoba protein to repair and almond oil to smooth but it also leaves your skin with a soft natural hint of tan when you wake up. Again, this is one that I will use maybe once a week just to give my skin that healthy sunkissed look and it really works after just one application. 100% natural DHA (tanning agent) & paraben/alchol-free.

Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream

This is a great cream for when my skin is feeling parched and stressed. This rich luxurious cream contains an antioxidant-rich Rosapene oil blend which deeply nourishes and hydrates whilst renewing your skin for the day ahead. Also contains anti-bacterial manuka honey & goji. This is a cream that I use once in a while when my skin is zapped and dehydrated. I will usually use it gor just 1-2 nights in a row to get my skin back on track.

Erborian Sleeping BB mask

Want baby skin when you way up? Then this ‘cocoon like‘ night mask could be the one for you. This contains traditional herbs used in Asian skincare for hundreds of years, omega fatty acids to tone and soften the skin and leave your perfectly hydrated. This is a really lightweight, almost invisible texture and applies onto the face like a second skin. Great for fatigued skin that needs an overnight miracle.

Have you tried any of these night treats? What is your current PM routine?