Christian Breton Lift Flash Serum.

I think we are know Paris skincare brand, Christian Breton for their amazing face and eye masks which seem to be everywhere at the moment. Well, guess what?… they also do a fabulous and full line of skincare too which happens to pretty darn good too.

One of my facvourite products I have used from the range is the Lift Flash Serum which is pretty much as it says on the tin ; Lifting, plumping, firming with both instant and longer term effects. The Lift Flash Serum contains something a bit fancy called ‘Cobiolift’ which is a natural tightening ingredient derived from quinoa seeds. This has a smoothing and firming effect on the skin for your everyday anti-ageing needs. This is definitely a serum tailored towards those f us who are in the 35yrs + category because of the nature of the serum.

Do you need it? If you are over 35 years (or younger if you have concerns) have noticed slackness or more lines in the skin, want to up your anti-ageing regime a little, and aren’t already using something like the La Prairie Caviar Skin Serum! It’s priced at £53 so not cheap but also not a ridiculous price. I tend to spend anything from £20-£150 on my face serums now that I am getting a little ahem older and in need of all the firming, tightening and brightening.

Have you tried anything from Christian Breton yet? If you haven’t I would definietely suggest dipping your toes in with these fantastic eye masks.