10 Reasons why to Invest in a Mulberry Handbag in 2023 ( + Is Mulberry a good brand?!)

is mulberry a good brand 2023

10 Reasons Why to invest in a Mulberry Handbag in 2023.

Ahhhh Mulberry handbags, a small obsession of mine and a topic I love to chat about on here. I have an ever-growing collection which I have been building up for nearly 30 (!) years and I’m constantly on the look out for my next Mulberry hit. I want to share with you today a few reasons why I love this classic handbag brand so much and perhaps why a Mulberry handbag could be YOUR next designer handbag investment. So here we go : 10 reasons why to invest in a Mulberry Handbag in 2023.

I feel like Mulberry had a really massive surge in popularity around 2008-2015 ish..and then they kind of had that designer item *thing* where they became a bit ‘everywhere’ (*cough* the Bayswater*), oversaturated and then they kind of became a little……uncool?! However with the re-launch of the iconic Mulberry Alexa handbag, a shift in designers and a branding re-shuffle…Mulberry has been BACK for a while and they have launched so many stunning designs in recent years which has really put them back on the designer handbag radar. I’m always excited for the new launches as much as I am lusting over vintage Mulberry handbags and some of the older styles. Mulberry handbags are FAB.

is mulberry a good brand

Why I love my Mulberry Handbags!

I love Mulberry handbags and have since before they were *in*. I inherited my first Mulberry handbag back in 1998, when I was a mere teen, and had absolutely no idea what Mulberry even was! It was my mum’s and I remember liking the look of it so I borrowed it and of course, she never got that handbag back!

It became a bit of *a thing* between me and my mum. I would borrow her Mulberry bags (she had a huge collection) and for any special occasions, she would either pass me one of hers down or if I was extremely lucky….she would buy me something new from Mulberry. The first time I ever visited the Somerset Mulberry factory and outlet, I was with my mum. Everything about the brand reminds me of her.

The last few Christmases she was alive, I got something from Mulberry : either a bag, a wallet or an accessory. Mulberry has always had a special place in my heart and it’s just a special thing we shared, she introduced me to and something I will ingrain and pass down to my daughter, no doubt! One of my most special Mulberry handbags is a vintage one from 1986 that she passed down to me. I recently had it restored and it’s one I really cherish. On my wedding day, I gifted all my bridesmaids a Mulberry keyring as I knew it was just something that they associated with me, they would love and it all just kind of made sense!

I think another reason I’m into the brand is because, in my opinion, it’s not too flashy and OTT. I find most of the Mulberry handbag designs and even the branding and logos to be more muted chic and understated. More often than not I can tell a Mulberry bag simply from the leather and the small Mulberry tag that may be on display somewhere on the bag : there’s no huge flashy logo’s here! Mulberry handbags are instantly recognisable to those in the know but they don’t need to shout it from the rooftops. Casual, chic, classy vibes.

Long story short. Maybe long story long. I love Mulberry handbags!

should I buy a mulberry handbag 202310 reasons why it’s time to buy that Mulberry handbag!


1.) Quality – Mulberry handbags are renowned for their amazing quality and leather that they use for their handbags and accessories. I have got Mulberry bags I have personally owned for nearly 20 years that are still in great condition (I rarely use the dustbags, sorry!) and I even have vintage Mulberry handbags that are so beautiful and well worn but glorious! The leather is honestly the best and they get more beautiful with age.

2.) British Heritage – Mulberry is a classic, British brand. It was born in Somerset in 1971 (just up the road from me!) and this is still where they have their main factory. It is of course now a global designer brand but it’s beating heart is still in Somerset.

3.) Responsible & sustainable leather – Mulberry have been members of the Leather Working Group since 2012, sourcing leather from tanneries who have undertaken an environmental audit. For their Spring Summer 23 collection, 100% of our leather is sourced from environmentally accredited tannery partners in the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain and Turkey.

4.) SO. Many. Styles. – They do SO many incredible styles for any and all occasions, tastes and preferences. Whether you want something super understated and easy, something a little more special or an all-out-there bobby dazzler, Mulberry have something that will tick your handbag style box. 

5.) Pass It from generation to generation! As I’ve mentioned the quality is incredible and they last so well. My mum passed many a’ Mulberry handbags down my way and I will be doing the same to Margot. I’ve had a few repairs and restorations over the years but Mulberry handbags really do last a lifetime and more. 

is mulberry a good handbag brand

6.) Timeless. Honestly, I promise you so many of the Mulberry handbags I have are NEVER going to go out of fashion, or look dated. They are classic designs and are always going to look chic and brilliant. 

7.) They retain decent value – As I said above, Mulberry had a really huge moment and surge in popularity around 2008 and they are STILL a much-lusted after designer handbag to this day – perhaps even more so now. They are an investment for sure, but you can always re-sell them for a decent price. Just remember (unlike me!) to use those dustbags, store them well and keep on top of the maintenance and leather treatment over the years and they last and re-sell really well.

8.) You can use Mulberry Exchange and Preloved – A really easy and worry-free way to buy and sell second-hand Mulberry handbags! This is Mulberry’s official exchange and can be found on their website RIGHT HERE. I check-in on it once a month to see if there are any gems as I love the older styles of Mulberry bags for the most-part. Here, you know you will get a reasonable price if selling and also if you are buying, you know it will be in decent condition….and of course, be 100% Mulberry authentic. (PS check my post right here on REAL vs FAKE Mulberry handbags as that is very handy if buying second-hand!).

9.) They aren’t *ridiculous* priced for a designer handbag! Ok they are of course not cheap by any means, Mulberry handbags are a big investment but they aren’t at that completely CRAZY prices in terms of designer handbags. The most expensive sit at around £2000 and start from the £250 price point. I have a Dior handbag that cost about triple any of my Mulberry bags and it definitely has not worn as well and I’ve had problems with the hardware etc over the years.

10.) You can easily get them restored. You can easily get them restored and repaired if you wish, and the prices are reasonable. I have had 2 bags repaired now and I simply took them into my nearest Mulberry store that has the repair service (check online about this) dropped it off and then in a few weeks they contacted me and off I trotted to pick it up.


do mulberry bags last well

A few frequent asked questions (FAQ’s) on Mulberry handbags:

Can you buy Mulberry handbags on SALE!?

YES, that’s right, you can always snag a deal on Mulberry handbags, you just have to know a few of the ways! First up : Mulberry bag sales..on their website, which they do a few times a year so sign up to their newsletter to be the first to know AND check in on the Mulberry website to see if there are any sales going on. 

Mulberry outlets. There are currently 5 here in the UK, all over the country. I have a full post HERE on all the various locations and Mulberry outlets with contact details and addresses etc so click here if you want to swot up on all things Mulberry Outlets UK.

And of course you can by Mulberry handbags second-hand :  the best places for this I find is on Mulberry Preloved (run by Mulberry), Vestiaire Collective which is a renowned designer re-sale site and then there are marketplaces such as Ebay and Depop. I would be a little more wary of the marketplaces BUT you can absolutely buy authentic Mulberry handbags on places like eBay. I would first suggest reading my post HERE all about spotting a real vs fake Mulberry handbag.

Is Mulberry a good brand (in 2023)?

Absolutely yes! I feel like it’s has a real comeback in the designer handbag realm and is a very-much sought after brand. It has always retained its luxurious status and they keep giving us more and more fabulous designs and re-launches too. As with all designer items, Mulberry has seen an increase in the retail prices but they aren’t, by far, one of the most expensive of designer handbags, in fact you can pick one up from around £300. 

Are Mulberry Bags worth it? 

I would always say a big YES because of how many I currently own and how much I still love them over so many years of owning them. I’ve not regretting one single Mulberry handbag purchase and they have all lasted really, really well. 

Is Mulberry a British brand?

YES! Mulberry was founded in 1971 in Somerset, England. Mulberry’s founder, Roger Saul, established the brand at his kitchen table, with £500 back from his mother. His sister designed our instantly-recognisable tree logo – both that, and the name “Mulberry” come from the trees he would pass each day on his way to school. The first designs were buckled leather belts, with other collections following soon after, including the original bags and womenswear.

Are Mulberry bags made in Turkey?!

So Mulberry handbags originally were all made in England (lots still are!) but they needed to outsource more factories due to high demand and YES, Mulberry handbags may be made in other places such as Turkey and China.

Is Mulberry leather good quality?

I personally think it’s one of the best quality leather of ANY designer handbags and it simply gets better with age. They are really sturdy, the leather feels impeccable, it smells incredible and it lasts forever with a bit of love and care. I have designer handbags from Dior which don’t have a patch on the quality of my Mulberry handbags. They also use responsible and sustainable leather sourcing practices.

What’s the most popular Mulberry handbag?

I think it’s still going to be The Mulberry Bayswater which is one of the Mulberry icon handbags. Personally, it’s not for me because of its popularity and you do see them SO much but people do seem to go mad for this style. I think it’s a good classic size, the leather is nice and thick and sturdy and you can carry a fair amount in them.  Fun fact ; this is also the most ‘faked’ out of all the Mulberry handbags so be particularly careful when buying one of these styles second-hand.

Do Mulberry bags last well?

They really do! I have both vintage and newer styles of Mulberry handbags and I’ve only had to have 2 repairs over the years. The leather lasts really well, and looks better with age and wear in my opinion. Mulberry handbags of course come with a lovely dustbag so do use this when storing your Mulberry handbag to keep it clean and in tact and away from dust and dirt. I am one of *those* who rarely uses my dustbag unless long term storage or moving house because honestly , I love my beloved handbags to look worn, loved and get that character about them. 

How best to look after a Mulberry handbag?

As briefly mentioned above, use the Mulberry dustbags to store your Mulberry handbags safely and away from dust and dirt. Every Mulberry handbag will come with a dustbag and they are really soft, thick and great quality. They have a drawstring at the top to ensure they are completely protected. I tend to keep all of my Mulberry bags (when in dustbags) all together and stacked side by side and upright so they don’t get squashed or mis-shapen. I will also stuff they empty handbags with newspaper or even socks to ensure they keep their original shape

You can treat the leather with different products to ensure they last : Mulberry sell their own gel, wax and cream which you can treat the different leathers with. Mulberry also sell a Collonil Lack Polish which is a gentle leather treatment to help increase resistance to dirt and moisture. Just check the different treatments to see what suits your leather the best.


is mulberry leather good quality

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are mulberry handbags worth the money 2023

So I hope this post on 10 reasons to buy a Mulberry handbag in 2023 was informative and answered any questions you may have had. If I haven’t covered something then you can just leave a question below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


are mulberry handbags worth it

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