Sunday Riley U.F.O {Ultra Clarifying Oil} : It’s Landed.

What can I say? I was more excited about this launch than possibly anything else this entire year. Why? I simply love Sunday Riley as a brand and I LOVE her face oils, I genuinely think they are some of the best on the market and I lovingly own 3/4 of the ones that she already does. U.F.O is the newest facial oil from this brand since the much-coveted LUNA which launched earlier this year. U.F.O (ultra clarifying oil) is for oily/breakout skin and it’s packed full of great ingredients…and…’s….green. I was quite literally sold before I had even tried it on my hand. If you want to have a quick update I featured both the JUNO & LUNA oils here

U.F.O The Lowdown.

Ok so this is most definitely specific to a skintype so isn’t for *everyone* a la Juno and Luna. This oil is really targeted to those with an oily/ problematic and breakout skin as it is a medicated oil that will reduce oil production on your skin and treat blemishes, blackheads and prevent your pores from clogging up with debris. Winner. It also helps to brighten and reduce the marks and scarring that you can get from post-acne and blemishes.

Key ingredients include Salicylic Acid @ 1.5%. This is a great anti-acne treatment. Tea Tree Oil & Black cumin seed support clear skin and have anti-bacterial properties. Licorice brightens the skin and helps treat post-acne scarring and marks. Chamomile & Neroli soothe stressed and irritated skin. 

More on Salicylic.

Salicylic acid is the key ingredient. This is a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) that has an exfoliating nature and has the ability to penetrate deep into the pore lining thus great for *cleaning* out blocked and congested pores. Salicylic acid also helps reduce sebum (oil) production.

Salicylid acid *can* dry the skin if used frequently but this is offset by milk thistle and cucumber seed oil.

Why is it green?

Ingredients including tea tree oil, cucumber seed oil, neem oil & eggplant oil. There is NO colouring in the U.F.O oil.

My Initial Thoughts.

So I have only been using this for ONE WEEK now so obviously cannot say that this is longterm an absolute winner for my skin but I will tell you my initial thoughts and feels on the U.F.O oil. 

I have been using it twice daily, once in the AM and in the PM post-cleanse and before my usual moisturiser. This oil is very rapidly absorbed and definitely a ‘dry oil’ nothing like the others in my opinion so I always feel like a need something else after it. If you hate the greasy, murky, slidey (good vocab Laura) on your skin then this could be the one for you. My skin isn’t constantly breakout, I have my monthly moments, but I have the type of skin that I need to keep on top of, and keep it balanced so I don’t get regular blemishes. 

I love the use of acids on my skin AND oils so the fact that this has salicylic in it, is just doing my skin all kinds of good. One key thing I have noticed in the week I have been using it, is that it does absorb oil on my skin, as in I am not as greasy during the day. The smell, as with all Sunday Riley oils is relatively potent which is simply sue to the amount of oils within ; this one smells slightly food-like (I like!) and quite fresh with the hint of tea tree. 

Do I need it?

I do yes, obviously. Do you? Well if you tick the boxes of the aformentioned oily skin/ breakout skin/ combination skin then this could be for you. Some people are still wary of an oil, particulary if you are already oily on your face, but when the correct oils are applied, it really CAN do wonders for this skin. Let’s not forget this is essentially an acne treatment, so if you don’t have that problem or any of the problems associated with it ; this oil isn’t for you. If you haven’t used much salicylic before, start using this maybe just every other day to begin to allow your skin to get used to it.

Psssss if you are already using /are a fan of the Artemis face oil, this will be discontinued once the stock has sold through..and will be replaced by the U.F.O.

The Sunday Riley U.F.O oil launches TODAY (4/10/16) in the UK and is exclusive to Space NK. Price £68.