Luxury and Organic Baby Skincare with Little Aurelia

Little Aurelia Organic Baby Creams and skincareObviously with a beauty obsessed mum, Margot was going to always have a few fancy baby creams on her nursery shelfie. I have a few different brands that I have used over the months but today I want to focus on Little Aurelia : a British, luxury, organic baby brand that uses the most natural and ethically sourced ingredients. I am very much trying to use organic and chemical-free products on Margot as much as I possibly can so this seems like a perfect match.

Baby skin is so delicate, soft and gorgeous that I never wanted to slather on products unless necessary as I believe (and got told by the midwives!) that their bodies can and should regulate their skin’s needs anyway. I didn’t use anything on her skin (including washes in the bath etc) until she was well over a month old, which is the standard advice. I think it was around 5-6 weeks when I introduced a sponge and body wash at bath time and then a few weeks after that I used any form of body cream or oil.

I only apply cream /balms /lotions on her WHEN her skin is problematic, I don’t do it daily as a habit. Sometimes she will have redness, patchy skin and very dry & flakey areas on her body and if that doesn’t sort itself out in a couple of days I will use something to help it.

Aurelia is a skincare brand I have used since they first launched many years ago with that beautiful Miracle Cleanser. When I spotted the gorgeous packaging of the Little Aurelia when I was in Space NK, I really wanted to get a few bits from Margot. They kindly sent me a selection of bits and I have been working my way through it over the months and it’s all been so great on Margot’s skin. They do washes, lotions, balms, massage oils, sponges, pillow mist and even a book!

Little Aurelia Organic Baby Creams and skincare

Little Aurelia Organic Baby Creams and skincare

Little Aurelia Organic Baby Creams and skincare Little Aurelia Organic Baby Creams and skincare Little Aurelia Organic Baby Creams and skincare Little Aurelia Organic Baby Creams and skincare

The Sleep Time Top-To-Toe Wash was the first thing that I used (and I’m now eeeking out the last dregs sob) on baby Margot. This is a luxurious, but gentle hair and body wash that is sulphate-free and contains creamy coconut oils to lather naturally and leave the body clean, soft and smelling BEAUT. It contains Aloe Vera, Oat Kernel & Calendula that all work to naturally soothe the baby’s skin and also Apricot, Avocado & Starflower oils to gently nourish and balance the skin. It is gently scented with Lavender, Linden Blossom & Angelica to leave the baby calm, content and hopefully ready for an all-night sleep (lols). I am using every PM in the bath. It doesn’t lather crazy amounts so I don’t use it as a bubble bath I just apply it straight onto a super soft sponge and onto Margot. It comes in a large, 240ml bottle so you get a decent amount of product for your buck. I also like the fact it has a pump because god knows how you can handle a squirming baby in a bath with one hand, wash with the other AND be undoing caps and squeezing out product amongst this sudsy carnage.

When her skin is irritated, red and flaky which has happened quite a few times, I will apply a touch of the Sleep Time Bath & Massage Oil onto her skin, and perhaps a couple of drops into her PM bath. This contains Coconut, Sweet almond, Starflower and Jojoba oils to gently nourish and soothe the delicate skin. It also contains Calendula, Camellia, Lavender, Chamomile and Linden blossom to unwind active babies before bed time. I have found this great to lightly soothe and hydrate her skin and more recently for a bit of baby massage a couple of times a week.

A bit more about baby massage: yep, the lucky little buggars. Not only do they get carried about, bum’s wiped and fed on demand…they also get a nice massage every now and then.

I had never even HEARD of this before having Margot but a few girls had mentioned it and over the last few weeks she has gone from being quiet-as-a-mouse post-bath/ when we are dressing her into a screeching, wild madam. I looked into baby massage a little and then recently starting to add it into her routine, particularly when she is irritable and a bit sour-faced in the evening (!). I tend to do it a few times a week, after the bath and before dressing. It’s nothing too specialised or arduous, I simply just massage in the oil over her body, play with her hands and feet and just spend that extra few minutes giving her some one-on-one attention. It’s a great time for bonding, it can help with the suppleness of the baby, aid to relieve discomfort, and if you use the right oils it can help relax and unwind for a good night’s sleep. Aurelia have a really easy guide you can read about baby massage here.

Little Aurelia do a few other baby products that I am (Margot is) yet to try, but we do have the ‘Woodlands Friends Gift Suitcase’ which is a beautiful bespoke gift and keepsake for the nursery. One thing that drew me to Little Aurelia in the first place was the gorgeous, enchanting illustrations across all the product packaging and this small suitcase has these beautiful illustrations over and inside. Perfect for keeping small items inside, to have on display in the nursery and to even use as an overnight case for your baby if they are feeling that little bit extra. If I have any friends having babies anytime soon I will 100% be getting them this as it’s so pretty….and perfect for a boy or a girl.

Have you used Aurelia or Little Aurelia before? I want to try out the calming balm next which I hear is great for nappy rash, plus the book for the nursery could be a cute 6-month pressie.

*This post contains Press samples.