NEW : The Gypsy Shrine Biodegradable Glitter.

Festivals are pretty much synonymous with GLITTER. Glitter makeup, glitter body painting, glitter hair……glitter EVERY-GOD-DAMN-WHERE. It looks super pretty, albeit can be a right pain in the arse to remove but there are deeper issues surrounding this party-time most-have….a lot of this glitter is extremely harmful non-biodegradable microplastic.

The same as (now banned) micro-beads, this glitter as in they end up in the ocean and will contaminate and poison marine life and clutter up the floor beds along with all the other trash and plastic that we are probably all too familiar with seeing on the news at the moment.

I will hold my hands up and fully admit to be wholly ignorant about glitters being plastic up until very recently. I’m also really glad that it has come to my attention as I have a whole stash of glitters in my professional kit, and I’m pretty sure that non of them are biodegradable….until now.

Festie and party glitter qweens Gypsy Shrine have followed suit of a few other eco-brands by creating a whole line of Biodegradable Glitter. They currently have 8 shades of this formula, which is made up of Cellulose predominantly from eucalyptus trees. It is sustainable and environmentally friendly. I love the fact that they have taken steps to do this AND I really hope to see this range expand to be as big as their main line of glitters over the next few years. Other brands need to address this and step up to the mark.

Glitter is fun, it makes us sparkle, it makes us smile and it enjoyable…please be more mindful when drowning yourself in it this summer, and if possible, try and opt for biodegradable formulas. You can shop The Gypsy Shrine biodegradable glitter range right there.