BECCA Cosmetics : My guide to getting the GLOW.

I’m on the eternal quest for radiant, dewy & glowing skin : I’m definitely not alone. If we look at makeup trends at the moment, everything (besides lips, we still like matte ok bye) is about radiance – primers, foundations, bb’s and of course, the highlighter epidemic! Now there are some brands who know how to DO GLOW realllllllly well. One of those brands is BECCA Cosmetics ; they do radiance-pretty-much-erthang and in particular their highlighters re incredibly popular.

Here’s a quick insight into BECCA and all things glowing for their bases from primer to my go-to highlight.

Primer-wise, I go for 1 of three, or mix a combination if I fancy. The Resurfacing primer is one of THE best for an open-pored, combo-oily skin, I usually apply this anyway even if I am using another primer also, this just makes the pores vanish, and just blurs and softens everything to give you a lovely, soft-focus finish. Also :  great on men/male grooming for makeup artists!

If you want more of a glowy base then reach towards the Backlight Priming Filter. This is a subtle radiant primer that adds lift, light and hydration to the skin. One of my go-to’s!

We also need to mention the Shimmering Skin Perfector:  Not a ‘primer’ as such but can be used in this way as it leaves the skin with a radiant, soft-focus finish. This is serum-like in texture and contains a bit more glow/shimmer than the Backlight primer so opt for what your skin needs. If you are dry / mature and or lacklustre then whack on the Shimmering Skin Perfector instead of a primer – it will hydrate more too. Comes in 6 shades now – my favourites are Opal (golden pink) & Pearl (cool white). Can also be used as cream highlighter OVER makeup.

Now onto the base : for the ultimate glow then you need to opt for Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation. BECCA do a few different foundations but this is the ultimate dew-giver. This is a light-medium coverage so a step up from a tinted moisturiser to give you a ‘your skin but better’ finish. Combination-oily skins take note ; if you are wearing this, you will need to take a powder in the ol’ handbag to retouch throughout the day.

To brighten up any dark circles, eye bags and areas of redness then the Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer has you covered < LOL. This is a water-rich, hydrating and radiant concealer that can be used anywhere on the face for perfecting and brightening.

NOW LET’S GET DOWN TO WHAT BECCA ARE REALLY FAMOUS FOR : The highlight powders AKA The Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed. These are possibly *the* best powder highlighters in the world and Opal has my whole heart but I do like most of the 7-8 shades they do. I am still clinging onto my BECCA x Jaclyn Hill palette which has both Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop and these are both golden/warm tones that work well on my skin. I also love both of these shades as a wash of colour across my eyes.

Have you tried any BECCA cosmetics yet? What are your favourite dew-getting products?