Beau Belle Rose Gold Makeup Brush 10-Piece Collection

I have to show you these glorious brushes immediately. These are the Beau Belle Rose Gold makeup brushes.


They are all synthetic/ vegan-friendly brush hairs that are of a great quality. They have an ergodynamic brush handle that sits in your hand perfectly and makes them easier to use and get that makeup artist professional finish AND they are rose gold. I think we have peaked right there. These brushes are really pretty but with purpose.

If you like the sound and look of these brushes then you can get a set of 10 in this limited edition Rose Gold Brush Set. Not only do you get 10 glorious brushes that cover all bases from foundation to powder to eye and contour, BUT you also get the handy white pleather brush holder. I already have a couple of these that I purchased empty to keep my professional brushes in for my makeup kit as it protects them, it’s easy for storage/ travel and you can literally whip them out open it out and you have 2 pots to keep your brushes in for when you use them. I know I am gushing about a brush holder but they are literally SO HANDY. I think it’s *such* a good idea that the brushes come in a holder like this, your makeup desk will high five you but not in the face.

The 10-brush set costs £59.95 which is a bargain considering the prices of the individual brushes. If you prefer you can obvs buy them individually but you save a huge amount with the 10-piece set and you get the glorious brush-holder!

What makeup brushes are you loving at the moment?