HUDA Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette : Review, Swatches + Eye Looks.

huda naughty nude swatches and review

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Hi my friends! I HAVE to show you my newest eyeshadow palette that I am wearing SO, so much and I think it’s pretty special. It’s the new (ish) HUDA Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette...and it’s a bloody stunner!

Who knew I needed a 56th nudey eyeshadow palette?! Well, I do and so may you! It does contain nudes, yes…..but it’s shot through with powerful reds, pinks, shimmers and petrol blue! Nude….but like you’ve never seen before! A makeup wardrobe staple and honestly just one of those palettes you will buy and reach for every single day and/or week.


Award-winning beauty blogger Huda Kattan is one of the most influential women in the Middle East, with a phenomenal fan base (40+ million Instagram followers and counting), she is a beauty industry sensation with her huge range of makeup including these infamous palettes, gorgeous liquid lipsticks, incredible eyeliner and internet-breaking foundation! I have purchased bits and bobs over the years and even when she only had her eyelash range (remember that?!) I used to buy pairs of lashes by the bulk when I was ever in America and near a Sephora.

huda naughty nude swatches and review huda naughty nude swatches and review


The Huda Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette contains 18 eyeshadows with 5 incredible textures including a never-seen-before eye gloss finish in a palette form.

  • 8 Velvety-Soft Mattes
  • 5 High shine Metallics
  • 3 Multi-Reflective Marble Creams
  • 1 Hypnotic Marble Cream
  • 1 Gloss with encapsulated Bronze & Berry Pearls

It not’s NEW, but it’s recent and has launched within the last year. This is a reinvention of the best-loved ‘New Nude Palette’, which marries smooth, buttery mattes with five, high-shine metallics, three multi-reflective marble cream shimmers, one matte marble cream and one shimmering-gloss hybrid, with encapsulated pearls to elevate your eye looks to the next level.

The quality of the shadows is brilliant. Some of the best I have tried! I have used a few of the HUDA eyeshadow palettes before and I find them all of similar quality. As with any eyeshadows, the shimmers can be easier to work with and the mattes can need a little more attention when applying and blending but they really do work and marry together beautifully. 

It comes housed in a hard outer plastic palette, it feels sturdy and good quality. There is an embossed ‘Naughty’ across the time to give it a bot of texture and feel. No brush (I prefer!) and of course a nice big mirror within to complete your makeup looks. It’s the same size as the HUDA palettes such as Retrograde and New Nudes. I’d be comfortable travelling with it in my makeup kit, it’s not overly precious and I think it will wear and last really well.

huda naughty nude swatches and review huda naughty nude swatches and review huda naughty nude swatches and review huda naughty nude swatches and review

The shade selection of the HUDA Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette also works really well. Yes it has your skin-toned nudes from pale beige, caramel, deep bronze and brown and then your golds, berries, bronzes and pinks…and then the blue-brown which is a really interesting shade to add into the mix. I love it when nude palettes have a slightly rogue colour…it just makes it more interesting and versatile. You can get the most natural and simple nude eye looks with this, deepest smokey browns, more editorial/fun looks and that gorgeous burnt orange kind of vibe.

Check out my eye looks below for some inspo!


Here are the lovely swatches of the HUDA Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette. They all are pretty easy to work and have great payoff. ‘Desire’ is way better than what it looks here by the way, just have a look at my other swatches above – no idea what happened here!

huda naughty nude swatches and review huda naughty nude swatches and review

The shade ‘Spicy’ is a really deep burgundy that can easily take any look from day to evening and I use this alot! A softer and more flattering version of a black eyeshadow. ‘Passion’ is the *rogue* tone I think in this palette and it reminds me of the MAC Blue Brown pigment a bit ; it’s a really intersting colour and can be layered and built up to pack a punch. Another favourite has to be ‘Shameless’ which is a metallic shimmery cool lilac pink : this is beaut layered over other shades or just solo and pressed on with the fingertip. ‘Filthy’ is one not to be missed and could possibly be overlooked easily as it looks quite pale in the pan but applied on (and layered) it is a really beautiful powdery lilac-pink.

I CANT NOT talk about the ‘slippery’ shade which is the innovative pressed gloss. It’s actually much better than I thought : it’s not going to mess up your palette and transfer across as it’s quite a firm pressed almost-gel-like formula. It does give a sheen on the lids for sure (maybe you can see in the top right eye look below?!) but it doesn’t give an editorial gloss as in the cut crease look :  for this I used a dab of clear lip gloss. It has small encapsulated bronze and burgundy pigment pearls within so it does give a touch of colour too. I actually think it’s a good addition and I was VERY confused by it initially : more-so on how the formula would sit in the palette.


As I have mentioned, you can get a lovely range of looks from this one palette. It’s pretty versatile and it’s definitely a little more than your average nude palette. This is a palette I can pretty much use everyday. You know I love my warm browns and pink tones so this is pretty much my ideal palette.

huda naughty nude swatches and review

I have also done this little chart below which may help you if you want to re-create any of these looks, or near-versions! I have marked out the ‘key’ shades I have used for each eye look using the HUDA Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette. I mean, there’s SO many more you can conjur up but this is literally just a few of my favourite ones taken over a week of wearing!

I actually love the simple matte pink with the winged eyeliner, and of course the editorial glossy lid ‘cut crease but not’ kinda vibe. 

huda naughty nude swatches and review

As always feel free to head over to my Instagram and send me any questions or below and I can always help! It could be a palette that looks a little intimidating to you if you don’t experiment with makeup but it’s really a good one to have in your makeup wardrobe. These shadows I find best applied with your favourite eyeshadow brushes but don’t forger fingertips work really well with the metallic shimmer shades!

Also, if like me, you have ALLLLLL the bright palettes and can’t resist a new neon shade…but always revert back to your good ol’ nude palette….this is a winner.


The HUDA Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette is the same as the other HUDA eyeshadow palettes and comes in at £58. It isn’t cheap BUT I actually do think this palette is worth it, if like me, you will get that regular wear out of it. 

huda naughty nude swatches and review huda naughty nude swatches and review huda naughty nude swatches and review huda naughty nude swatches and review

PHEW, I think we are done here. I hope you enjoyed my review of the HUDA Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette and found it helpful if you are looking for more info on it.

You can grab your own one from Cult Beauty, priced at £58.