New CID bronzer [ I-Bronze ]

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This is one of my favourite multi-purpose bronzers around. I say multi-purpose, because it gives you a tiny bit of blush and highlight….and obviously bronze. It’s great for a quick sweep of colour all over your face when time is of the essence and you haven’t got time to be applying lots of different colours and powders. Even great with no makeup to give a nice glow and life to the skin……school run, post/pre gym and trip to the shops when it’s just not possible to go completely naked.

It has a beautiful and unique baked marbleised formula so the bronze shade is embodied with golds, pinks and chocolate browns. Quite similar to the MAC mineralize swirly ones they bring out as limited editions. The I-bronze will pretty much work on all skin tones and you can target different parts of the powder to customise the colour a bit more.

New Cid also do a formula like this for a highlighter called ‘I-glow’ which I reallllllly love the look of, this is definitely one for the wishlist.