Makeup Revolution | Unicorns Unite Lipsticks.

One of the latest launches from budget makeup heroes Makeup Revolution is the 5 shades of lipstick from the Unicorns Unite range (they do an exhisting eyeshadow palette already). As you can see, the shades are pretty unusual and not typical day-to-day shades for all. Quite halloween-esque, possibly why they launched them now, these lipsticks are bordering on murky, underworld and fantasy shades ; perfect for halloween/dress-up , festival fun, daring wear, makeup kits and just those who are brave enough to wear what the hell they want. I think all of these would look really good on darker skin tones.

The 5 shades are:

Legend. Muted metallic lilac

Throne. Greyish purple.

Magical. Vivid bright purple with a hint of blue.

Myth. Bright Pink.

Horn of Magic. Pale mint metallic green

I actually quite like shades Throne and Magical and I think I would wear them on a night out. Myth is the colour that is certainly the most wearable and the odd one out of these murky shades. They have a metallic finish which is quite 80’s-esque, the pigment is quite waxy and sheer and on initial application they go on quite sheer, you need a few coats to give a full-looking colour. These cost just £1 each which is perfect if it is for something like halloween or a one-off colour you want to wear. I would liked to have seen maybe one less purple shade and another unusual colour like a deep green. Non-typical lip colours are becoming much more of a *thing* now so if you haven’t before, spend a few quid and experiment with these! You can purchase online or in selected Superdrug stores.