Cosmeceutical Skincare : IS Clinical skincare Pro-Heal Serum Advance

IS Clinical is as it perhaps sounds : an advanced ‘cosmeceutical’ skincare brand that may appear complex on initial appearance BUT Ima break it down for you real easy.

Cosmecutical Products = a product that merges cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients. It will contain ingredients that are clinically proven to work on correcting the skin. They will usually be ”stronger” and more potent than the typical lotions and potions you can pick up in your local Boots, pharmacy & department store. They will often be found in medi-spas, surgeons’, doctors and dermatologist clinics.

IS Clinical =  an LA-based cosmeceutical skincare brand that has been created by leading physicians, pharmacologists & doctors. It’s VERY science based, results driven and every product is a solution for a problem or concern.

Their cult products (loved by the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whitely & Jessica Alba no less) are their skin-saving serums. These potent serums target specific problems such as acne, hyperpigmentation & sensitivity and I am lucky enough to have my hands on the Pro-Heal Serum Advance which is THE one for acne or redness on the skin.

Pro Heal Serum Advance

This is a targeted serum for people who have/had acne, flare ups , rosecea and problematic skin. It contains Vitamin C, A & E. The Vitamin C is in a high concentration of 15% time-released L-Ascorbic acid. This is a fancy way of saying it’s a stable form AKA it won’t be less potent as soon as you’ve opened the jar/ applied on the skin like the vast majority of ‘Vitamin C’ skincare products. (Vit C is VERY hard to keep stable/active within creams).

The Vitamin C is brightening and helps with acne scarring, pigmentation and uneven skintone. The antioxidant Vitamin E provides defence and anti-ageing. Vitamin A strengthens the structure of the skin, including collagen & elastin . As a round up this is a really good healing soothing and anti-ageing serum that will provide the skin with normalising properties.

This kind of advanced serum is ideal for a problematic skin, if you want to reduce inflammation, redness and/or if you have acne scarring and pigmentation. They do a range of other treatment serums if this one in particular is not for you. The Super Serum in particular is a favourite which is one targeted for a broader range of skin types rather than mine/ problematic!

Have you heard of IS clinical or perhaps used a cosmeceutical-type range of skincare before?