Gaston Luga 15% off Discount code

You may already know this if you follow my Instagram, but I recently got sent a beautiful Gaston Luga backpack to help me on my travels AND they were also gave me a unique discount code for my readers to use across all of their products.

Gaston Luga is a Scandinavian bag and accessories brand and they do really sleek, cool, unisex bag designs. They were designed with the traveller in mind, who wanted something stylish, hard-wearing and something to bridge the gap between fashion and function.

I chose the Praper style in olive /black as I always love a khaki colour (my pram and 70% of my wardrobe), Tom likes to wear it too and it is a really decent size so holds a lot of my everyday things in it…and looks great for a casual bag.

To get 15% off anything off the Gaston Luga website, simply use my code LAURALOU which is valid until October 2019, and includes free worldwide shipping hooooooray.

They currently, as I am writing this, also have a great gift with purchase where you get the passport holder (pink or black) worth £39 with your purchase.

Let me know if you end up getting anything and do check out @GastonLuga on Instagram for  more inspiration and looks!

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