Halloween Makeup part 1 | Zombie Girl Thang.

I’m going to *try* to get at least 3 looks up for Halloween this year starting off with this little gorgeous lady ; my zombie girl, scary-type thing. I want to really do looks that anyone can do, or near enough, with products that you will all have at home in your makeup box. No SFX or fancy nancy *makeup artist products*, I really think anyone can do this and it looks quite high impact with not so much effort. Ok the contact lenses are a bit specialist and I only used them as I had some 1-day ones from ages ago I hadn’t used, but this still look pretty grim without the lenses!

For this makeup look you need:

Mattifying primer. I used  GOSH velvet touch primer.

Pale base/foundation as close to white as possible. I used Illamasqua Skin Base in White/01.

Translucent powder to set everything.

A black kohl eyeliner.

A black Gel eyeliner.

A neutral eyeshadow palette

Brushes : maybe 3 synthetic brushes of different finishes and sizes (I used something pointed & fine, a fluffy blending brush and a large concealer brush)

– About 20 minutes of your time.


Basic How-To:

1.) Prep the skin with a mattifying primer to make sure your skin is smooth and shine-free. You are going to be a lot of heavy makeup so you need this to stay on.

2.) Buff your white/pale foundation all over your face. Set with powder.

3.) Get the black eye shape by using a brush with your gel eyeliner & your brows as a guide. I literally just drew the line around my brows, as you can see from the picture below.

4.) Fill in the shape, go underneath with the black. Use the black kohl liner on the inner rim and make sure no skin or pink is showing around the eye. Blend it out a little at the sides and soften it if you wish.

5.) Use a taupey or warm brown tone from your palette to blend underneath the eye area. Just makes it look a little more ill and gross-looking. I also added a touch of a red/copper pigment in with it. (I also used the matte brown shades to get a bit of contour in the cheeks)

6.) Draw a line through the middle of your lips and vertically out to the sides, I used the kohl eyeliner for this and then switched to the gel liner to do the ‘teeth’ vertical lines as you can get a sharper line and get more control with a brush.

7.) Set the makeup in areas which need it with a dusting off translucent power. Job done.

PS if you dare to go for contacts, then *try* to apply them before makeup. I made the mistake of doing them after and had to re-touch the makeup after the streaming eyes and prodding around in my eye for 20 minutes. The ones I have used here are the 1-day White Out ones from MesmerEyez.

As you can see from the close-up’s this makeup is NOT PERFECT or super sharp and I kind of like it this way. Don’t fret if you smudge a bit or makeup/shadow drops onto your skin, I think it adds to the effect, that’s my story anyway. When you start off it will always look a bit rubbish but it will just come together and you can make it work. Honestly the look I was going for when I started this was way different to how it turned out. Have fun with it and defo remember to give your skin a good double cleanse before you hit the pillow.

Have you had any thoughts of your halloween outfit/makeup for this year? What are you doing?