Votary Skincare : An Introduction.

I have been very intrigued abut this brand since I saw it on Caroline Hirons’ blog last year. Oils. I love. Those glorious bathroom friendly green bottles. Want. Cleansing oils with no mineral oils? Yes ma’am. Oils that cater to an oily/combination skin? Sold.

Votary is a skincare brand that is very oil-focused. This sings to me as my skin (although oily) loves the right oil and if you too have oily skin, I promise you that NOTHING cleanses your skin more effectively and deeper than an oil and if you choose wisely, oil on an oily skin can keep it balanced, blemish-free and clear.

Enough waffling.

Votary was founded by former beauty editor and British makeup artist Arabella Preston ; aside from being a makeup artist and working on thousands of different skins over the years, she was sent every skincare product under the sun to review/feature and try for various magazines. However, she couldn’t find a clean, non-mineral oil-based cleansing oil that satisfied her and her clients’ needs. Arabella wanted to use natural oils whether it be vegetable, fruit, seed or flower….and you won’t see a sniff of a mineral oil in this entire range. FYI mineral oils are cheap, don’t do anything to your skin and can be pore-clogging and reactive.

A couple of years ago Votary was born and it is a skincare line focused on using superseed oils that benefit and nourish your skin, with no chemicals, fillers or shite. Votary only use cold-pressed oils which are more expensive than cheaper oils, but these are worth the extra splurge as they retain their potency and effectiveness. They currently have around 15 products in the range, and they really do have something for everyone and anyone can fit one of these oils within their existing routine.

I have 2 products from the range to start with including the (original) Cleansing Oil and the Facial Oil with Neroli & Myrrh. This is the facial oil that is great for a combination skin, skin that needs brightening and uplifting. It contains 9 oils that balance the skin and help bring back that much sought-after glow. It can be used in a multitude of ways and tailored into any skincare routine : wear it solo, under your moisturiser, over your moisturiser, IN your moisturiser, in your foundation….however you find it works. It contains natural fragrance of neroli & myrrh so it smells divine and also works on your senses as well as your skin.

The Cleansing Oil is one that can be used straight onto dry skin, over your eyes and massaged on to remove all traces of makeup, dirt, SPF and general grime. It doesn’t emulsify with water (turn white/creamy/watery like the majority do) so this definitely needs to be removed with a cloth to remove all traces of oil on your skin. This took me a while to get used to as I have used cleansing oils for around 10 years and every single one turn white with water. The reason they left this out because, again, it is a chemical and they wanted this cleansing oil to be as natural and effective as possible, devoid of any unnecessaries. Fortunately, it comes with possible the biggest and most luxurious cleansing cloth I have ever used: you know those thick, fluffy towels you get in a posh hotel?..it feels like one of those. Steadfast, strong and it definitely won’t be falling apart after a few washes. It removes all my makeup effectively, and I always follow up with a second cleanse to remove any last trace of oil ; I am finding the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip is a good option after this cleansing oil.

If you are sensitive with essential oils (they are the natural oils within a lot of the Votary skincare to give it the lovely scent) then they do a Superseed Cleansing Oil & a Superseed Facial Oil which contain absolutely zero essential oils / fragrance and are perfect for super sensitive skins, reactive skin and acne.

The cleansing oils are £45 and the facial oils are priced at £65. This is the kind of price I would expect to pay for cold-pressed and high grade superseeds and essential oils. Have you heard of Votary before? What face oils/cleansing oils are you loving at the moment?