If you had £100 to Spend in Debenham’s Beauty Hall…

…What would you buy?   

Well I had this amount to spend in the Debenham’s Beauty Hall YAY which I went and spent up last week in the Oxford Street store. I was super excited to go shopping here as it’s a great little big department, with lots of really great brands, including the big boy Lauders etc and then the little niche and smaller brands which I tend to love even more. £100 does sound quite a lot, but when shopping for high-end makeup it doean’t go *that* far but here is what I got.

I love Too Faced, but you already know that. I have had my beady eyes on this Sweethearts Sparkling Bellini blusher (£24)
since it launched but I have never indulged as I do have a lot of
blushers and highlighters that ARE similar. However, I just couldn’t
resist and the urge has been too great – the packaging is so pretty
& I have had the Too Faced sweethearts blusher before in another
shade and it’s a great product.  A hybrid blusher and glow that imparts a
beautiful finish on the skin = like 80% blush 20% highlight kinda mix.

This is for me personally as opposed to my kit as the cardboard packaging isn’t kit friendly. 

 I have heard a lot about the new Urban Decay VICE lipstick collection (£15)
so I wanted to try a shade. I am not an overly seasoned-user of UD so I
am still finding my feet with this brand but I have tried a lipstick
before and it was really great. The VICE lipsticks have a huge/amazing
selection of shades/finishes and I love the way they come merchandised
with a matching lip liner which just makes shopping and selection so
much more easier
; all brands should do this! I chose shade ‘Unicorn’
which is a comfort matte shade and a pale peachy coral in shade. I have
only worn this a couple of times but the formula feels nice and creamy
and I am happy with the quality.

I love a bit of Dior Lipglow and have used the balm/stick formula for years now. The Lip Glow Pommade (£24) must be relatively new as I can’t remember seeing it before, and I was running out of the original one so thought I would give this a try. It’s in a handy squeezey tube and is basically an oil-based lip balm with a glossy finish that also has pigment in it to make your lips more rosey. LIKE. I am actually going to use this in my pro kit for a natural and easy lip gloss.

I have heard so much great things about the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation (£29) yet I already have the liquid formulas which I love and I am not usually a huge fan of pan/stick foundations. HOWEVER, I listened to the hype and when it comes from MUA’s I know and trust I know I have to give it a try. I chose my shade on counter as a Y365 which is literally perfect for me and I am absolutely obsessed with this foundation. I am going to do an in-depth review ASAP with before/after pictures but the finish & coverage is wonderful, not cakey and it has awesome buildable coverage. I am aiming to get a selection for my kit as this are perfect for kit space and versatility.

!! Rant Alert !! 

Whilst at the MUFE counter I also picked up an Artist Shadow/Blush in shade ME-744 (£13). It can be used cheeks or eyes and I got it primarily as an eye shade as it’s a beautiful metallic red that is stunning on it’s own and also as a crease colour to add warmth. I got this for my kit as the refills are handy to slot into a Z Palette or similar BUT I have had a huge problem with this product. When I first swatched it @ home it felt really sticky/almost wet and for a minute I thought I had accidently been given a cream product, not a powder. I double-checked and no, it is the right product/formula but it just has this awful tacky feel on the top, it immediately has got that shiney/ fucked up finish on the top of the powder where I had tried to get the product out. Now this *can* happen if you apply a dirty brush continually onto a powder or greasy fingers but I cleaned my hands before use and it still went like this…immediately. On the first swatch. I’m so angry as the colour is great but literally the only way I can get the pigment out is using my nail. The actual product still feels semi-wet…..so I tweeted about it, and apparently this is a common problem with the MUFE shadows and I am using it is a certain type as I have had a few matte shades and they have been fine. I don’t know whether to take it back or what…..has anyone has this problem?!

So only one negative out of all this lovely bunch but I am super happy with everything else….and I only went £5 over my voucher allowance so I think I did pretty well. Have you tried any of these products?