Hair styling in 5 minutes with the ghd Platinum+ Hair Styler

Gone are the days of putting my hair in curlers or spending 20 minutes trying to achieve a salon-like blow dry on my hair. With my new hashtagmomlife I no longer have quite as long to spend preening myself so when ghd wanted to send me their newest Platinum+ Styler to try out, I pretty much bit their hand off.

It’s not only their BEST ever styler, but honestly, it’s SO much easier to use than any others I have tried and I can achieve my 2 *signature* looks (lol some soft waves or straight basically) in around 5 minutes which is PERFECT for me and my routine.

The ghd Platinum+ Styler

This is the BEST and most forward thinking styler from ghd. It has technology that will constantly adapt the power as you style to ensure the most optimum results and styling. The plates have heat sensors that monitor the temperature 250 times per SECOND so you they will adapt to you and your needs and guarantees even heat across the whole plate. This ensures minimum damage and breakage to the hair. 

The attention to detail is incredible and these are by far the most advanced hair straighteners /styler I have ever used.

The plates are floating and a high-gloss finish to ensure smooth, no-frizz hair and the shape of these stylers, along with the wishbone hinge, allows for easy movement for both curling and straightening.

I had the first generation of ghd’s, literally when they came out in 2001. I remember them so well as I had struggled with early teenage years frizz and NOTHING worked on my hair until I discovered the wondrous ghd hair straighteners. I think I had my first pair for about 7 years I swear.

They have moved on SO much over the years, and I still think they are leading in terms on innovation and hair styling ease. I love the new additions of the fancy on/off button that lights up and makes a bleeping/musical noise to let you know it’s on and then another jingle when it’s ready to use. It heats up SO quickly I couldn’t quite believe it...maybe around 8 seconds.

They also have an automatic ‘sleep mode’ when they haven’t been used for 30 minutes which gives you peace of mind if you go out and have the panic of ‘have I left them on?!’. These also come with a heat resistant plate guard that protect them when you travel plus if you use them and want to pack them straight away, you can without worrying about them singeing any of your clothes or packing.

Straight + Sleek VS Loose Waves.

Pretty much the only 2 looks I can achieve easily and in around 5 minutes, and if you are a bit of a hair-styling-phobe like myself I promise you these make easy work of these simple styles.

I used to be in awe of people who could achieve nice, soft waves with hair straighteners. For me, I was left with wonky, weird-looking pageboy curls that NEVER looked like that perfect tousled-wave I was alway yearning for. I had to use a mixture of straighteners and curling tongs to achieve that look.

With this new shape of the ghd styler ; it’s almost rounded and tong-like anyway so it’s SO much easier to curl and get beautiful bouncy loose curls. 

I’m kinda lucky on one respect for having pretty fine hair, and that’s that it literally takes me less than 5 minutes to straighten it. There’s just not that much to it and it straightens and holds pretty well with a touch of styling cream and hairspray. With that in mind, I would ALWAYS recommend using a heat protection spray before you do any form of heat styling on your hair and the ghd

Straightening with these is super easy and quick, and i just have to do one-pass on each hair section and it’s job done.

My hair feels smooth and frizz-free. As I have really fine hair, if I straighten it all over poker-straight then it looks like I have literally no hair so I try and tousle the ends and a few sections very lightly (like a super soft curl) which gives me this effect ; straight but a bit of volume!

If you are on the market for some new hair stylers / straighteners that I would highly recommend these. Honestly…..the BEST. The ghd Platinum+ Styler cost £189 and that comes with a 3 year warranty, and I think they are giving away a free travel bag with purchase at the moment. They come in white, black and a limited edition pink design at the moment.

Do you prefer the straight look or with the slightly tousled curl? What are the best hair stylers you have ever used? I’d love to know your thoughts.

* Contains press samples.