Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation Review with Before + Afters.

Chantecaille future skin foundation reviewChantecaille Future Skin Foundation is a VERY special product. It’s one of the best luxury foundations out there and I’m going to run you through all the reasons why, if it could be for you (probably) and why this stunning formula has been used by makeup artists for so many years.

Chantecaille Future Skin is an oil-free gel foundation. It is water-based and it is a vegan formula. It has lasting power, it has glow, it doesn’t sink into fine lines and pores AND it’s utterly amazing on pretty much everyone I have ever used it on (that’s a lot of faces my friends!). It is one that I will always reach for when I want dull skin to look glowing, red carpet, bridal and it’s also incredible on mature skins.

Been curious about the Chantecaille Future Skin for a while? Keep eyeing it up when you want to buy your next foundation but have never indulged? Are you simply looking for your holy grail foundation??.. Then keep a’ reading as I may be able to answer your questions and help you decide if the Future Skin Foundation is going to be the foundation that is going to tick all of your boxes!

Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation Review:

Chantecaille future skin foundation review Chantecaille future skin foundation review Chantecaille future skin foundation review

It has a really unique feel and it has an ultra lightweight, refreshing texture. The buildable formula provides adjustable coverage while light-reflecting pigments eases the appearance of imperfections for a naturally flawless finish.

When you apply the Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation, it gives a really lovely, cooling feeling on the skin. It feels fresh and I find it always just instantly boosts the look of the skin : glowy, renewed but second-skin like and natural looking. The coverage is medium ; of course you can sheer it down a lot to get an even more natural finish if you wish.

As the formula is oil-free and it’s packed with amazing skincare : I find this is one foundation that I will rarely use a primer with as you just don’t really need it! Prep that skin well and simply apply this on top to get that lovely flawless and seamless finish. It melts into the skin perfectly. It contains hydrating aloe leaf, camellia extract and also light-reflecting pigments to give that all-important glow.

ALL SKIN TYPES can wear the Chantecaille Future Skin. It really does work both on very dry and oilier skin types and everything in between. If you are at either end of the spectrum (very dry / very oily) then just adjust how you prep your skin. If you want a full  FULL coverage, this may not be your first option.

There are 15 shades, 30g and it costs £75.

It of course, has a hefty price tag. £75 is a big investment for anything makeup-related but I honestly think this is one that I can finally say….is worth it. I don’t say that often. It’s one to try in-store / a sample of if you haven’t used it before to see if you love it as much as so many others.

It comes in the signature pot which works well for the formula. Yes, it’s not as easy as having a pump & bottle but this formula would just not work in that. This is a super-skincare-infused foundation! When you first open it you will notice a little plastic insert on top : DO keep this as it help keep the formula fresh and gorgeous. Remember to close the lid properly etc etc.

Shade range = 15 shades. I can dip between a few shades and I find them quite adjustable especially when sheered down. I wear Nude, Cream and Shea, with Shea being my summer tone. They could definitely do with a few extra shades at the darker end of the spectrum.

Chantecaille future skin foundation review Chantecaille future skin foundation review Chantecaille future skin foundation review


Apply with Foundation Brush, fingertips or of course a sponge if you prefer. My personal preference is always brush and fingertips as I just find it a great way to really work the product seamlessly into the skin.

For extra coverage, apply an additional layer of Future Skin where skin may be red or uneven and blend, press into the skin.


As you can see it’s very natural looking and seamless. It has that lovely second-skin finish but it really does give me enough coverage. I have applied it here to give me a medium coverage. I am wearing shade ‘Nude’.  tend to flip between ‘Nude’, ‘Cream’ and ‘Shea’ in the summer or when I have a tan.

I purposefully didn’t wear a primer or powder here, so you can see how the foundation looks without any other factors that may effect the way it looks. I would also normally wear some bronze, blush highlight to finish me base so it looks a little stark with no of this on in these photos but I think it’s just good to see the foundation in all it’s glory.

Chantecaille future skin foundation review Chantecaille future skin foundation review Chantecaille future skin foundation review

I really do love this foundation and it’s definitely one of my top 10 of ALL TIME. It’s stunning on most skins I’ve applied it onto and it’s that *one* secret weapon base that I reach for when I need skin to really look it’s best – hence why such a good one for bridal, red carpet and special occasions. It’s not one I would wear day-to-day simply because of the price…but if I could I afford top-ups every 4-6 months I probably would!

I hope you found this full review of the Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation helpful, I know so many people who are really intrigued about it. If you have any more questions then do drop them below or shout me on Instagram @LauraLouMakeup.

You can shop the Chantecaille Future Skin from all the best stores ; Space NK, Liberty’s, Harrod’s and of course online. Do check Look Fantastic using my code LAURA_LF as it sometimes goes into the 20% off beauty using that code! It wasn’t when I checked just now but it’s forever changing!