Effective, Easy, Peptide-infused Anti-Ageing Skincare : HELLO Kate Somerville Kateceuticals.

Kate Somerville Kateceuticals review

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Let’s chat all about one of the best all-round anti-ageing skincare ranges out there: The Kate Somerville Kateceuticals Range.

Kate Somerville has been treating skin of all types and ages for many years in her Clinic based in Hollywood (obvs). Her skincare ranges are phenomenal and I have been an avid fan since I was introduced to it around 10 years ago now. Remember when it hit the UK the FIRST time around (2008 ish?!) It was then I started slathering on Exfolikate on the regs. Kate Somerville skincare is very much based around ‘taking the clinic home’ so allows us, who unfortunately can’t swan to ‘Merica to visit her in person….to get the next best thing!

“At my clinic, we use lasers, peels & injections to treat the signs of ageing. With KateCeuticals™, you get an at-home, clinic-grade age repair system that targets & transforms skin.” Kate Somerville

Peptides are incredible in skincare and this is what Kateceuticals is all about : peptide-powered age-repairing, rejuvenating and tackling many different signs of ageing : this is definitely targeted at the older skins, maybe midlife 35yrs+ kinda vibe. This all very much depends on your skin and the condition as some people younger than this could also really benefit from the Kate Somerville Kateceuticals range. 

Kate Somerville Kateceuticals review Kate Somerville Kateceuticals review


If you aren’t familiar with why peptides are used in skincare and what they can do for our skin then I’ll break it down for you. Peptides are Amino Acids which are the ‘building blocks’ of the foundation of our skin: proteins such as collagen, elastin and keratin. Without these proteins being supported and strengthened it can lead to loss of structure, firmness and wrinkles will be more visible. We lose the ‘bounce’ of our skin and this happens with ageing.

Peptides within our skincare routine can be really effective and this ingredient can be used alongside many other ingredients including Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide. 

The Kate Somerville Kateceuticals skincare range is peptide-packed and a really great range for firming, smoothing and improving all-round skin health.

Kate Somerville Kateceuticals review Kate Somerville Kateceuticals review Kate Somerville Kateceuticals review

Kateceuticals Lifting Eye Cream (£105).

This eye cream does more than smooth and hydrate ageing skin ; It’s uniquely formulated with anti-ageing ingredients to relax the look of wrinkles, reduce under eye puffiness, visibly diminish dark circles and plump skin around eyes. It is inspired by the best anti-ageing clinic treatments. The texture isn’t too rich nor too light and it’s one of the most effective eye treatments/creams I have used for a long time.

The peptide-complex works on softening those lines and red and brown algae helps the look of dark circles and puffiness. It also contains a hit of vitamin C to help with the brightening. Sits well under makeup.

Kateceuticals Firming Serum (£84).

A clinic-grade plumping & firming treatment that smooths & firms skin in just two weeks.

This is a POWERHOUSE serum and has a multitude of incredible ingredients to target a good few problems. It smells lovely, it feels great and I am seeing quick results, as with all of the range. I think this could be ‘the one’ to try if you want to dip your toe into the Kate Somerville Kateceuticals range and see if it will work for your and your skin’s needs.

Inspired by the results achieved using Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers at Kate’s Hollywood clinic, this clinic-grade serum increases skin firmness, diminishes fine lines & deep wrinkles and improves skin radiance in just two weeks. Hydrating ingredients instantly plump skin to diminish the look of lines & wrinkles while Peptides increase firmness & elasticity.

Contains peptides (of course) to firm and strengthen the skin, hyaluronic acid (yes please) to hydrate and lift, Nasturtium Flower to help plump and radiance-boosting Pea Extract. This is a great serum if you want a good, does-what-it-says, all-rounder to treat ageing skin.

Kateceuticals Total Repair Cream (£105).

Perfected in Kate’s Hollywood skincare clinic for over a decade, this anti-ageing cream brings together top hydrating ingredients that plump & replenish with deep moisturisers that firm, smooth & restore. In just one week, you’ll see improved texture & firmness with diminished fine lines & wrinkles.

Kate’s clinic-grade anti-ageing cream is expertly formulated with a powerful Peptide-infused Ceramide Complex to reduce visible redness, smooth wrinkles & help provide barrier repair while an Advanced Moisture Complex delivers essential moisture replenishment, and Kate’s favourite hydrating ingredients Hyaluronic Acid & Squalane replenish dullness & dryness.

This, again has a mid-range texture : it’s not thick, it’s not light. I am oily-combination and it sits and feel comfortable. I use it both AM/PM. It has the Kate Somerville signature pump-top dispenser which I have always love. Clean and quick dispensing and one pump is perfect for my full face. You can also use this to drop on oils if you want to boost the cream and mix product together (the Dilo Oil is great to add to the cream on very dehydrated days!).

Kate Somerville Kateceuticals review

They have more recently launched a Resurfacing Overnight Peel within the Kate Somerville Kateceuticals range which I am yet to try but have heard incredible things ; it’s next on the list! I have been trying so much of the Kate Somerville skincare at the moment, so there will be lots more reviews coming soon. I hope you found this helpful, and as always, please pop me any questions you may have and you can always drop me a DM over on Instagram.

In short, I think this is a great range if you want something easy and effective and something you can slap on both AM/PM and feel like you need that hit of anti-ageing and are overwhelmed with ingredients and 27-step routines…add yourself in a good cleanser or two and this is your simple skincare routine right here my friends. It’s not cheap but honestly I think you really get bang for your buck with Kate somerville. 

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