The Proactiv+ Bloggers Breakfast & My Regime*.

As discussed in my post a few weeks ago, I am collaborating with the skincare brand Proactiv+ which involves me using their skincare products, reviewing the products, sharing before and after photos and a whole focus on everything blemishes and breakouts on my blog.

I was invited by the brand along to a Bloggers’ breakfast last month in London to meet the Proactiv+ team, their appointed dermatologist and the other bloggers and influencers who are involved in this ongoing case study and collaboration. It was at the lovely Bronte restaurant and not only did I get to FINALLY meet Helen from The LoveCats Inc (after years of online chatting) but I had a personalised skincare regime suggested for me AND I got to eat all the truffled mushrooms on toast! Win, win and win.

Laura Savage is the UK dermatologist that Proactiv+ work with. She is renowned for her work with problematic skin and breakouts after suffering herself, and is super knowledgeable in ALL skin conditions and concerns. I had a 20 minute 1-to-1 consulation with her where she assessed my makeup free skin, had a closer look under some terrifying-looking-magnifying-glass-torch-implement and then discussed with me my skin history and where I am now.

If you didn’t read my last post, a quick overview > my skin is lightly blemished, open-pored, oily-combination and I have light  blemish scarring and marks.

My Regime : Proactiv+ 3 -step.

Laura prescribed me the Proactiv+ 3-step signature regime which is what they are renowned for. Step 1 is ‘Cleanse & Smooth’ with a  Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. This has small beads to slough off dead skin alongside glycolic & salicylic acids. Step 2 is ‘Target & Treat’ with the Pore Targeting Treatment – a ‘powerhouse’ salicylic acid treatment that is to be applied directly onto effected areas. Step 3 is ‘Hydrate & Refine’ which is a nutrient-rich moisturiser called Complexion Perfecting Hydrator, again with Salicylic, to keep the skin clear and nourished.

Key ingredient Salicylic acid is something I am very familiar with and if you also have/had problematic skin, I’m sure you will be pretty savvy on this too. Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy and is one of the most effective treatments for blemishes & breakouts. It is used in a relatively low % in skincare and acts as a gentle exfoliant and cleansing aid within the pores, to keep skin clear & bright.

Proactiv+, alongside their  signature 3-Step System, do a handful of other skincare products too, and I was also recommended the Repairing Concealer palette (VERY excited to try this), the Re-Texturising Toner and the Skin Purifying Mask. I am really looking forward to starting the routine to see what effects it will have on my skin.

I will be doing check-ins on here about how my skin is, how the regime is working etc. and probably at least once a month. If you didn’t catch my post about my full skin backstory / my teenage years, AND a current bare skin ’before’ photo then do check my post from last week here.

*This is a sponsored post