2015 | Highlights & Resolutions.

I had a pretty good year, all-in-all. 2014 was an absolute horror of a year for me and to be honest anything following that was going to be a better year! I had THE most amazing and exhilirating holiday of my life which was my honeymoon mega-trip to California & the west coast which you can read all about here if you are interested. It was a much-needed time away and I literally came back feeling so refreshed and happy.

Here’s a little look into a few of the highlights of my year, a couple of things I have learnt, and looking forward to 2016, what I want to achieve more of.

I have had some great time out in the Cotswolds this year with my amazing friends and fell back in love with the country. Me and my husband were going up every few months in the year and it was just lovely to relax and get out of the city. Every time I go and stay there I fall deeper and deeper in lust & love with living in the country and turning my back on the trials & ridiculous expense of London-living, but it’s something I need to really think  hard about over the next few months to see if a change of lifestlye is even do-able. It almost feels like that is where my heart belongs.

Later on in the year, I took in a little bundle of fluff and joy who is called (King) Herman, my British Short Hair kitten…now cat pretty much. I feel bad because I love him more than my husband but if you look at his pics then you will totally understand this. He’s just super cute and I literally cannot imagine my life without him. YES, it’s like I’m talking about a new-born child and yes, in my mind it is parallel to giving birth. Behold the King. *praise-hands emoji*

In general, I think I just found a bit more peace with myself this year, I let go a bit of the angst I had and am slowly becoming happier and seeing things in different ways. I think this year I also really thought about my friendships, both positive and negative…and what is true and what isn’t. I have come to the point in my life where I only want to surround myself with people who I care about and have completely lost the interest of having needless and meaningless acquaintances. #GirlBye

2 0 1 6  G O A L S & R E S O L U T I O N S


In a number of ways. I have been living in a bit (a lot) of a cluttered mess @ home for reasons that are too lengthy to explain here… but I find when your house is a bit upside-down, then your whole life can be effected and everything can feel a bit unorganised and it just makes doing easy things a little harder. I’ve already spent the whole of New Year’s day spring-cleaning, de-junking, thowing out useless objects and clothes I will never need or use…and already I feel great. The amount of crap I accumulate and cling on to because ‘one day I will need it’ is just beyond, so I am being ruthless and if it hasn’t been worn or used in the last 2 years, then realistically I do not need it.

Alongside de-cluttering is just general organisation. I absolutely love a notepad and my lists so will be keeping my life in check this year a little stricter. After I have had a good clean up of my makeup room (tomorrow’s mammoth task) I am going to organise blog space and photo space to make that work in synergy a little bit better with my day-to-day work and living. I find myself scattering beauty products all over the house and not only is Herman enjoying playing with ALL the eyeliners but it’s pretty annoying for the husband to be living amongst piles of makeup.


2015 has been literally my unhealthiest year in history and I am really feeling it. It was kick-started by  my honeymoon Amercian gorge-fest and I have just been eating all the wrong foods and not hitting the gym at all. I am finding myself feeling really sluggish, with no energy and my clothes all look shit so it’s time for a kick up the ass and for me to get myself back in great shape. Again, I think if you feel good about yourself inside and out, it can really effect everything from socialising to work to your relationships.

I am 35 this year (I know, hard to believe) and I think it’s becoming harder to just eat and drink what you want without it effecting you, and I’ve really started thinking about how eating crap and partying will potentially effect my long-term health and happiness. I really want to have a body I am comfortable with and I think an active lifestlye and a healthy diet is absolutely key to this for me.  HAVE I BEEN LOOKING AT TOO MANY HOT GAL INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS? YES I ABSOLUTELY HAVE. Either way, I think everyone has their *happy* weight and size, and I need mine back pronto.


Spurred on by my trip to America where I saw some of the most breath-taking sites I’ve ever seen, I really want to do some more exploring and travelling this year. I haven’t booked anything abroad as yet as it’s just time-depending and money-depending, but I would love to go to South America at some point and also Canada/Alaska! I have enjoyed my little countryside breaks lately and even stay-cations can be a great way to see some glorious sites and do some great things you wouldn’t normally do at home. I am off to Pembrokeshire, Wales next week for a week to stay in a beautful secluded cottage with my husband & some friends and we both can’t wait ;  fishing, cliff-path walking, marshmallows on open fires and nights in being cosy.

I am also keen to challenge myself to some serious hiking wherever that may be ; in the UK or abroad. An easy way to combine the fitness and travel goals.

Creativity & Art

As a makeup artist I find you really need to keep on top of exploring your creative side and what bought you into the world of makeup. For me, it was the passion of the products and the love of creating amazing things on people, alongside my passion for art & colour. I haven’t done much painting or actual pen-on-paper artwork for some time and this year I started exploring doing different things and recently got back into painting. I did a couple of pieces for friends and found myself not only loving it, the mixing an layering colour, but once I plug myself into my music and get going it really helps relax me and takes my mind to a whole new place. My form of yoga, I swear, and something I will be doing lots more of this year.

Here’s to a great 2016! What are your goals for the year?