The NEW Mulberry Lily Zero!

Mulberry Lily handbag review

This is exciting news that landed in my mailbox this morning. One of the MOST popular Mulberry handbags styles in recent times, the Mulberry Lily has launched with a carbon neutral collection of this ever-so-popular bag design, and 12 new additions to the Lily family.

Say hello to the Mulberry Lily Zero.

Mulberry Lily zero handbag Mulberry lily zero handbag review Mulberry lily zero handbag review

Mulberry and Sustainability 

This sustainable update to the Mulberry Lily line is very-much welcomed and I really think 2022 needs to see more of this from designer brands. The Mulberry Lily zero’s are all made here in Somerset at Mulberry’s carbon-neutral factories. A ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ has also been undertaken to analyse the full carbon emissions of the range including components, transport, and packaging, all of which have been additionally offset with the World Land Trust, Mulberry’s carbon offsetting partner.

Additionally, following Mulberry’s commitment to transparency, the brand is releasing its first sustainability report, sharing its progress from the past year, which will be available to download from the Mulberry website this month.

“The ‘Lily Zero’ demonstrates what we can achieve together through working closely with our long-term partners. This reinforces Mulberry’s commitment to a sustainable future, outlined in our ambitious Made to Last manifesto published last year during our fiftieth anniversary.”

The Mulberry Lily Handbag.

This is one of Mulberry’s most popular design in recent times. Soft and supple, the Lily is a day-to-evening handbag which comes in a huge variety of sizes and styles. It’s an elegant and classic design, featuring a postman’s lock and chain strap. They do SO many variations, styles and colours of this handbag, I think possibly the most of any Mulberry handbag I have seen. It really is one of Mulberry’s signature silhouettes. Every time I go to look at the new styles, there seems to be so many more to choose from! I actually don’t personally own the Mulberry Lily handbag but it’s most certainly up there at the top of my Wishlist.

Mulberry Lily Zero.

12 new mulberry Lily handbag designs have been added to the existing range which are the Lily ‘zero’s’. They are easily navigated on the Mulberry website and they are easy to distinguish from the original Lily handbags (it says ‘ZERO’ in the top right of the corner).

The handbags are made here in Somerset in Mulberry’s carbon-neutral factories using carbon-neutral leather from Germany. This new carbon neutral leather is also now being used on all of Mulberry’s heavy grain styles, which make up 26% of its AW22 collection.

They currently do (in varying shades)

A Lily Zero – prices from £975

A Top Handle Lily Zero – prices from £950

A Medium Lily Zero  – prices from £1075

A Medium Top Handle Lily – prices from £1050

I absolutely LOVE the look of the Mulberry lily Zero in green heavy grain – that’s the bag for me!

Price of the Mulberry Lily Zero.

Prices start from £950 for the Mulberry Lily Zero handbags. Of course, it’s not one of their cheaper bags but it is certainly an investment piece, a timeless silhouette design and something you will have quite literally for generations! Honestly I have a collection of incredible vintage handbags, passed down to me from my mum, that are absolutey stunning and I will look after these and pass them down onto my daughter, Margot. Mulberry handbags are some of the best-quality designer handbags I have owned (I have Dior, Gucci etc) and they last incredibly well and the quality is honestly outstanding.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my post chatting all things Mulberry Lily Zero. Do let me know if you end up investing in one and if you want to chat all things Mulberry handbags then do leave a comment below!

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