New from Antipodes : The Blessing Anti-pollution Light Day Serum.

Antipodes blessing anti-pollution light face serumAntipodes: a skincare brand I have featured on this blog for maybe 6 years or so now, and one that I continue to use and love. It’s very rare I have a skincare routine on-the-go without something from this Organic New Zealand range and I’m always keen to try their new products when they launch.

The latest product to launch from them is the Blessing Anti-pollution Light Face Serum.

Poor air quality can really effect the skin’s function and stability, everyday aggressors will have a build-up and longterm impact on the skin, but using something with effective antioxidants in can really help protect and nurture the skin, allowing it to stay balanced and functioning well.

This is a protective day serum : packed full of antioxidants that target pollution. Key antioxidants include their signature Vivanza Grape which you may recognise from the rest of their skincare. Vivanza grape is the sauvignon grapes from the Marlborough Vineyards in New Zealand. It was found that the seed contains DOUBLE the amount of polyphenolic antioxidants than in any other grapes. 

The Blessing Serum also contains Asian Ginger which helps neutralise free radical damage, kiwi seed oil that is high in Omega 3, vitamin C & E to target ageing and fine lines and also Avocado oil which ensured the skin is nourished.

I have nearly finished up my first bottle of the Antipodes Blessing serum so I want to feedback how I’ve been finding it. First up it is a very lightweight watery oil-based serum, so it does feel like an oil, although not greasy or heavy if that makes sense. This day serum-oil-hybrid is actually targeted towards all skin types, including us oily gals.

I have oily-combination skin and it sinks in absolutely fine, with no residue. In these summer months, when our skin produces more oil, I only apply a couple of drops into the palm of my hands and then press it lightly over my face to ensure I’m not looking super shiny.It has a wonderful scent, which is the pure plant fragrance of jasmine flower. It’s a real treat to use and leaves skin soft, nourished and bright.

It is targeted towards ALL skin types as a protective and anti-ageing serum and I would suggest it’s obviously better as a day-only serum due to the protective nature of the ingredients. Perfect for those city dwellers and travellers alike. 

I have been pairing this with my favourite Antipodes moisturiser the Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream, which is a lightweight moisturiser, and great for the summer and doesn’t leave your skin feeling overloaded. Dryer skins may want to opt for the Vanilla Pod which is slightly richer in texture and feel.

Antipodes blessing anti-pollution light face serum

The Antipodes Blessing Anti-pollution Light Face Serum costs £34 and is available online here and also their retailers such as Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Fenwicks.

Have you tried anything from the Antipodes skincare range?