Hair Styling for Summer : Design.ME Haircare.

When these pretty lil’ things arrived on my doorstep the first thing that I noticed was the clean, fun and colourful packaging. If you are a hair styling junkie and like experimenting with your hair and the way you wear it, particularly with festies and holidays coming up, you need to definitely need to check out this affordable range from Design.ME haircare.

Design.ME Haircare is a range of hair products from styling to shampoos, conditioners and accessories to give your hair all the oomph, control and ease that you need. It is quite a simple line, without *too* many products so it’s pretty easy to negotiate and work out what you may need to get your hair in the shape you want. I have tried out a few of their styling products and they are easy-to-use (I’m a bit of a hair style phobe FYI) with some really good results.

The whole range is cruelty free, vegan, sulphate free, paraben free and gluten free.

Our lime green friend, Fab.Me (£14.95) is a great all-round hair treatment. It is a spray that you apply to towel-dried hair with multiple functions and benefits ; it acts as a heat-protection spray, colour fade protection, detangling, static reduction, frizz reduction, hydration and light conditioning. ANYONE and everyone can benefit from a spritz of this before you style your hair and it can be layered with other styling products depending on your needs. I actually use this like a leave-in conditioner, even if I am not heat styling my hair.

Speedy blow drys seem to be very much *in* at the moment with a huge amount of products that claim to reduce drying time and Powerdry.ME (£14.95) is exactly this. It promises to reduce blow dry time by a whopping 50%, smoothes the hair follicle and reduces frizz in your finished style. I personally have fine hair so I can blow-dry my hair in about 2.06 minutes BUT I (enviously) know some girls with glorious, thick hair who literally take over half an hour to properly blow-dry their mane. This would be a godsend if you are one of those chicks as it would be a great time-saver. Simply mist onto damp hair before you blow dry. 

Last up and one of my favourite products that I have tried from the range is the Puff.ME Light (£9.95). This is a a godsend for fine hair maidens as it is a powder puff that you apply to the roots of the hair to give instant lift, texture and volume. It lasts really well in my hair AND it’s perfect to use on freshly washed hair when you want to braid, style or do any kind of up-do’s. It just makes hair easier to work with and for festivals and party styles ; it’s a must-have!

Have you heard of Design.ME haircare? It’s available in the UK at Sally’s Beauty AKA my second home.