Clairol Color Crave Hair Colour : Bringing the Brights!

Who knew? Well, I dind’t until I received a lovely little package a few weeks ago, brimmed full of Clairol Hair Colours. Clairol are probably the only hair colour that I can think of that used to be in Boots / pharmacies when I was was really young, they are one of the most, if not the most renowned at-home hair colour brands on the market and I am so pleased to see they are now doing some brighter and more interesting shades in the form of blues, reds, purples, pinks & greens : say hello to the Clairol Color Crave range.

They have a range of semi-permanent Color Crave hair colours and then also some really clever colour touch-ups in the form of ‘hair makeup’. The semi-permanent hair colour comes in a re-sealable tube (yay) with a brush to apply/ paint on. It’s easy to do, you can custom the brightness of your shade by mixing it with conditioner to dilute (if you want a more subtle/pastel shade) and the colours are vivid and long lasting.

They do 11 shades of of bright and bold colours but they are just a little different to what we are seeing in the ‘fun colour’ sections in shops – there is more than just your pink, blue and red … we have  also have teal, YELLOW (!), Apricot & emerald to name a few.

As you may or may not know, I have ditched the rose-gold-pink pastel for now and I am currently purple-lilac and this is thanks to the Clairol Color Crave Lavender & a touch of the Orchid which is a deep indigo. I’m so pleased with the colour and I think this now be me for the winter 2017/18! I LOVE the fact that it’s in a re-sealable tube rather than one of the hair dyes that you snap off and have to mix the full amount in one sitting, as I don’t often use that much so one tube of this colour will see me through a few months rather than just one-use. With the colours being in tubes, it also allows for easy colour customisation and mixing.

For colour touch up’s, they have the Color Crave Hair Makeup which are handy little tubes of shimmering (yes) 1 day colour. These are a gel formula and you simply squeeze the tube and apply it straight onto your hair from the spongey applicator, and it will simply shampoo out. These are great if you want to enhance and brighten your colour, which I have been doing with the Brilliant Amethyst shade, or you can change up your colour / add highlights / lowlights / flashes of colour.

I have super grown out bleached hair so I only colour the blonde bits of my natural hair but I also add length with clip-in extensions and dye these too! I will do a proper step-by-step on this in a couple of weeks if you are interested but it involves me chopping and dying different shades of blonde clip-ins. I am currently using Hot Hair extensions and these are the best I have found.

Have used any Clairol before? I must be honest I think it’s my first time since I was about 16 but I am loving their injection of the bright & bold shades.