New! The Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask.

This is a new launch and extension from the Nutriganics ‘Drops of Youth’ range which is all about youth-enhancing using plant extracts and organic, high-quality ingredients. It is a reviving and replenishing night mask/cream that can be used every PM or a a treatment when your skin needs some love. Say hola to the Bouncy Sleeping Mask :

When we sleep 3 main vital processes occur to our skin : FIX, FIGHT & FIRM. Fix is all about the skin regenerating itself and recovering from the day’s toil ; environmental free radical damage is removed and new skin cells are encouraged to the surface of the skin. FIGHT is all about an antioxidant called melatonin which is produced when we sleep to fight wrinkles. FIRM is how it sounds ; growth hormones boost collagen, elasticity & firmness when we sleep.

As we get older, our skin doesn’t quite work like it did as a teenager so we need a little help for these processes to work and for the skin to bounce back in the morning. This is why The Body Shop have created the Bouncy Sleeping Mask* to help the skin feel replenished and plump when we wake up. Not only does this have an AWESOME name but the texture is like……..super unusual. In a good way. The only products I have tried like this bounceback/ jelly-like texture is the Illamasqua hydra veil primer. you have to finger it (!) to believe it, I can’t quite describe it.

The secret ingredient behind this youth-enhancing mask is Edelweiss plant stem cells. This hardy flower thrives in the harshest conditions high in the Alps. These clever folk at The Body Shop (or people they pay) carefully and sustainably extract the Edelweiss stem cells, harnessing their powerful resilience, to deliver potent skin cell renewing properties. It also has caffeine to help energise the skin & plant oils to sooth and hydrate.

How to use: Scoop a dollop of this gel-cream-balm-goo out with the small spatula it comes with (good hygiene!) and slather it over your cleansed skin before you go to bed. You can use it every night or as desired. It is very lightweight and absorbs into the skin really quickly with not sticky residue ; it’s literally like a wrap-around second skin. Wake up, be bouncy, then carry on your AM routine as normal.

 How it feels: It made my skin feel lovely and supple, I have only used it a few times so go give you a long-term analysis but first impressions , I think it’s great and my skin seems to be liking it. It is something I would use 2/3 times a week. My skin is oily/combination and I think it works well as it’s a lightweight gel as opposed to heavy balmy cream. This can also be used as an in-flight mask, holidays when your skin has had a frying, and to protect your skin in the cold ; this would be great when skiing/sailing too. It just envelops the skin in the wonderful protective second skin layer.

 The Bouncy sleeping mask costs £22 for a huuuuge 90ml tub, and launches in-store and online TOMORROW (13th January).