Models Own Gilt Rose Gold Collection : Luxestick Lipsticks.

Beauty lovers and pretty-packaging devotees, this is something that will garner your interest and get the pinterest-pinning a’ twitching….even if it is just for that insta-grammable rose-gold luxe packaging. 

This is one of the latest limited edition makeup collection from Models Own, and it is a carefully curated selection of makeup products with the star of the show, in my humble opinion, being the insanely beautiful Luxestick Creamy Matte Lipsticks .
There are only 5 shades of the Luxestick lipstick but they have selected really carefully as they are all beautiful shades. My current go-to’s being opposite ends of the spectrum with the subtly creamy peach nude of Secret Garden 03 VS the shocking neon pink hues of Wild Rose 04 = LOVE. The packaging of the lipsticks are all out chrome rose metal-look : they feel luxe, they look pretty AND they cost just £7.99.

Oh, and the formulas ; Possibly better than the packaging..they are creamy, rich and are of a really good pigment quality ; they give a full, luscious lip colour with just one swipe and they last for hours…they aren’t just a pretty face I promise. I think they have got it just right with the balance of creamy-ness and a semi-matte finish ; I think the really matte trend at the moment can sometimes encourage really drying formulas from brands but these are truly incredible = No dry scaly lips for the winter HOO-RAH!

All the collection, including these gorgeous lipsticks are available now online and in stores/pop-ups.